US to release a ‘relief’ for small businesses amidst the pandemic

US is closing in on an agreement to aid the economic loss of small businesses by utilizing extra finances. The deal which is supposed to be closed in on Monday is now inching closer by the days. Amidst the 7,50,000 infections and more than 40,000 deaths, US has taken this decision to help the small businesses so that their business does not suffer a setback due to Coronavirus.


In a recent interview, President Donald Trump said that they were closing in on the deal when they met at White House for a briefing. He also confirmed that by this Monday we might also have a resolution passed.

While everyone is staying back at home, small business owners are in a constant rush to make things happen. Although businesses are supposed to remain shut in order to maintain social distancing, people are wondering why the delay in this resolution isn’t ending.


A fund of $250 billion that was decided by Trump to be added in the $2.3trillion program raised for the small business loan program has already used. This made Trump state that he was up for the plan but at present, he wasn’t in favour of it. He also stated that he would like to include it in his future legislation plans.


However, recent news has released an update that the House leaders are planning to meet as soon as this Wednesday to discuss about this deal and initiate a vote on the interim legislation.

The idea of fundraising for small businesses has already provoked many small business owners to keep their hopes high even during this disastrous time. But the big question is, how soon will the government take action for it? Let’s hope for the best!

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