Unfortunate Workers, It is well said that “Disasters bring trouble only for poor and marginalized” and have no or little impact on the rich. Either it is natural or anthropogenic,WORKERS it is underprivileged and low-income section of the society, who suffers the most.

Corona outbreak and WORKERS consequently nationwide lockdown has once again proved it so well. Where the poor are not able to afford a handful of food, rich people are posting new dishes on social media showing their comfort and luxuries. But the question here is that who bears the ultimate burden?? To find the answer is not so very difficult in a WORKERS country like India where huge inequality prevails in each stratum of the society.

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It is poor who bear the burden of standstill and a shattered economy. The results can be seen from now itself. After the WORKERS announcement of countrywide lockdown many of guest workers residing outside their villages and even states in search of better employment opportunities, started facing pressure from their landlords either to pay the rent or vacate the room as soon as possible. Due to harsh economic conditions they compelled to choose the second one and decided to return to their home in spite of no -availability of transportation WORKERS means and other basic amenities. Thousands of migrant workers started trudging miles and miles from different states with a hope that maybe their so-called “Sarkar” will provide aid to them. But it was so surreal that they find their representatives completely oblivious. The central government claimed that they didn’t find any migrant workers on roads at all. The state government passed the card to the Central government by claiming that it is a kind of inter-State matter hence center intervention will require and in this way the matter gets politicized. Many debates and WORKERS discussion started on various social media platforms but no one came forward for helping workers in such condition WORKERS except, goods carrying Indian railway but not for providing food and water or to help them but for mowing them down, unfortunately, these tragic incidents also does not remain far from being politicized and neglected. There are many heart-wrenching stories of migrants being shared on various social media platforms some of them need to be mentioned here.

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             A story of a 15-year-old girl named, Jyoti, who bought a cycle costing Rs.500 for carrying her injured father to home. She covered the whole distance from Delhi to Darbhanga within six days. She during sharing her WORKERS sore experiences said that the biggest fear was being hit by vehicles which is an obvious thing to take into consideration after witnessing similar tragic events in the past few days.

             Another case was from the Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh where two migrant laborers were beaten up brutally by Cops and compelled to roll on the road. The workers apparently trying to reach their hometown WORKERS without wearing masks, and this fault leads them to roll down on the concrete road in such scorching heat. 

Unfortunate Workers-NewsORB360

Above mentioned both case studies put the question that is it the punishment for being poor and marginalized??? Or for not expecting too WORKERS much from the government???

The government from their side is doing nothing for the migrants neither providing them transportation facility nor food and water. Instead of that they are making jokes about them by saying that people who are taking their interviews should help them. 

Isn’t it the “Right to Life” of migrant workers under “Article 21” of the Constitution, being violated. This states that Right to Life means WORKERS not only insurance of life but also providing WORKERS basic needs that ensure a decent and dignified life. 

The current situation brings the fact to the front and reveals India’s failure in curbing inequality and in bringing substantive equality in the mainstream instead of prevailing formal equality.

Introducing policies and schemes on papers and WORKERS giving them catchy titles will not ensures their ground implementation. It’s high time for the government to shift its priority from Private players to migrant workers and bring some major financial aid for them for saving India from the aftermath of poverty and starvation.

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