Social media is a place accessible to anyone from anywhere around the globe. This is also a place that has a unique collection of every type of people available on earth. There are people on the internet that can make or break your social media experience. Some people are there who provide wonderful enrichment to intellect whereas some are frustrating and can destroy peace and thought processes. Here’s a list of people who should not be on social media.


The Forever Triggered Ones- It’s the right and responsibility of sensible, rational and educated people to speak up against any post on social media that spreads hatred, sexism or encourages violence. However, some people on social media are constantly triggered by modern and progressive opinions that contradict their traditional views. These people cannot stand contradiction and are forever ready to malign people’s nature and character with their intolerance and illogical lectures on customs.

The Over Possessive Ones- It’s good to be careful about partners and slight possessiveness is a part of every relationship. However, over-possessive couples on social media make their relationship, as well as other’s social media, experience toxic. With their overly protective attitude, they’re ready to criticize anything and anyone that they dislike and even site ethics when they’re out of logic. They violate personal space and freedom of expression and can prove harmful to mental health.

People, who Normalize Sexism as Comedy- Who doesn’t want to look cool on the net? And the easiest way to impress people is by comedy. For aspiring members without a sense of humour, sexism is the simplest way to draw attention. Conventional sexist ideas are hardly questionable, publicly enjoyable and triggered conformists are always available to handle rational people!


Narrow-minded Influencers- On social media, popular accounts of Content Creators, Comedians, Actors, Sports Stars etc. are considered to be influencers as they ‘influence’ their fans with their ideas. Narrow-minded influencers are a huge problem as they promote narrow-mindedness and encourage a large number of people to think the same and become hostile to contradictory ideas.

Communally Biased People- Biased mindset isn’t approvable in any way and communally biased people cause the greatest trouble online. Turning into trolls and abusers, the death threat and rape threat people on social media either in exchange of money or personal opinions. Though cyber cells are created to handle such toxic personalities, they’re way too many and the best way to save one from them is to ignore their presence!

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