Srinagar TERRORISTS has once again been witness to an encounter which resulted in two hardened terrorists losing their life to Indian paramilitary, CRPF. On Tuesday, 19th May, around 2 a.m. an operation was launched where the state police and the CRPF surrounded a group of houses in a crowded neighborhood of Nawakadal in downtown Srinagar where the local residents had heard gunshots around midnight. The terrorists hurled a bomb onto the military which was the commencement of hours-long encounter that continued till Tuesday afternoon. CRPF finally lobbed a bomb that detonated at the surrounded cluster of houses.

Two terrorists, including Muhammad Asharf Sehrai younger son loses their lives

Two terrorists who lost their lives have been identified as Junaid Ashraf Khan Sehrai and Tariq Ahmed Sheik of the infamous Hizbul Mujahideen. Junaid Sehrai is the younger son of Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, chairman TERRORISTS of a separatist group Tehreek-e-Hurriyat.

DGP of Jammu and Kashmir said, “In last night’s operation, two terrorists were killed. They have been identified as Junaid Ashraf Khan from Srinagar and Tariq Ahmed Sheikh from Pulwama. Junaid is the youngest son of Hurriyat TERRORISTS chairman Mohammed Ashraf Khan.”

Two terrorists, including Muhammad Asharf Sehrai younger son loses their lives

Hizbul Mujahideen is a militant organization that seeks the Integration of Jammu and Kashmir to Pakistan. The particular group was involved in the supply of narcotics and drugs to youths of the valley to bribe them in stealing weapons and attacking security forces. They have also been behind bank robberies.

Junaid Sehrai joined the Hizbul Mujahideen in March 2019 after his father became the chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat.

He was the Divisional Commander of the TERRORISTS aforementioned militant group and was wanted by police for crimes including arming and training youth for terrorism. He was the mastermind behind stone pelting in Srinagar, spreading terror among civilians and leading mobs. According to sources, all the terrorists were trained and equipped by ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency before entering the Valley.

Junaid’s body will not be returned to his father.

Two terrorists, including Muhammad Asharf Sehrai younger son loses their lives

“Today’s successful conduct of the joint operation by police and CRPF in downtown Srinagar leading to the elimination of two top terrorists should be a clear enough indication to our tongue lashing warriors how our police and security forces work in tandem and shoulder to shoulder here in Jammu & Kashmir TERRORISTS even in most demanding and challenging circumstances” was said by a senior officer after the encounter.

Internet services have been stopped in the area. Private phone services, as well as pre-paid BSNL services, have been canceled.

Three individuals from security forces have TERRORISTS also been injured. Weapons have also been retrieved from the encounter.

This can be called a victory for Indian security forces as well for humanity against terrorism.

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