UNIQUE Our personalities are definitely shaped according to when we were born. Every generation had their unique features, some glorious, some not so glorious but apparently, the millennials or specifically the year age bracket of 1985-1995 produced the most unique people. Although many people agree to it, a particular Twitter user, Zambian Influencer took it upon himself UNIQUE to explain exactly why is it so.

His reasons being;
UNIQUE They are sandwiched between the generation without internet and technology and the one after- Truly said, this generation has definitely picked up essence from both the defining generations with the most important invention being internet and technology development.

The preceding generation were believers UNIQUE of hard work and the following being believers of smart work- Due to this fact they grew up to be balanced human beings who believe in a proportional way of work with both hard and smart work.

Twitter user-NewsORB360 UNIQUE

They have a greater range of technological experience- UNIQUE This point could be the most valid one because this generation specifically got to experience the transition from a society which was had minimal technological dependence to one of heavy technological dependence. They did get to experience both box TV and flat LED screen TV, CD to Netflix, Mario to PubG, and early Nokia phones to Android sets.

Difference in cautionary measures –
The previous generations, according to him are not cautious UNIQUE enough and had one email and got caught up in fraud very easily as they were not acquainted with the internet. The particular generation in question, is cautious but doesn’t have the baseless skepticism of the following generation either.

Perfect amount of respect for tradition-
Arguably another valid point is the belief in UNIQUE a tradition UNIQUE that the aforesaid generation has. Previous generations were mostly blinded by traditions and didn’t question the ones that doesn’t make any sense. They are rigid, stereotyped, and often blind in belief. This is something that the millennials doesn’t believe in. They question the unnecessary but respect the most, as opposed to the following generation that is popularly true known to not respect traditions. Although generalizing such a fact in unfair to many.

Twitter user-NewsORB360 UNIQUE

Lastly, he mentions about the experience of both Industrial Age and Internet Age-
Again being between the two generations has given UNIQUE them the valuable and balanced experience of both the age.

He ends his thread with a witty remark “All generations are unique, ours is just the most!”

He does make sense in most of his arguments. The exposure to internet and technological development does vary depending on country, city, or economic prosperity and the year bracket may not be as rigid as he claims. Although Zambian Influencer clearly says “ we are not extending the range! Sorry”.

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