This 2018 period horror movie in the Hindi language has attracted appreciation and love from millions of audiences due to its scary but brilliant storyline that will leave you with shivers. Tumbbad has been one of the unmatched films of India and here are 14 little facts that would make you fall in love with this movie all over again.

  • The original draft of the film was completed by 2015 but newer special effects and resources kept being added by the team which took another 3 years.
  • Corners and stuffy caves where “no human had ventured for at least a hundred years” were some of the shooting locations for the film.
  • The film was launched at the Venice International Film Festival in 2018 and it had taken around 6 years, from shooting to the post-production process, to be completed.
  • Sohum Shah, the lead actor who was also one of the producers for this film, had to put on 8 kgs of weight for the film and maintained the physique for 6 years as the film was being shot over the period.
  • This was a period film and to maintain its authenticity, 50 lamps and lanterns were used as sources of light during several scenes.
  • It took about 4 monsoons to shoot for the film as the team waited for real rain and the weather was majorly unpredictable. This was their dedication to making the scenes look authentic and real.
  • Originally, Tumbbad was supposed to be a trilogy with a different ending- one where the father sacrifices his son.
  • The role of the creepy grandmother at the beginning of the film was played by Mohammad Samad who also essayed the role of Sohum’s son later in the story.
  • Tumbbad was written by Rahi Amil Barve in 1997 when he was only 18. He had struggled to get producers for years to make his film and constantly faced rejections.
  • The shooting location of this film was a village called Tumbbad in the state of Maharashtra. This is the place of origin of the legend of the hidden treasure and is an actual location.
  • Tumbbad was the first film of Indian origin to be screened at the critic’s week section of the 75th International Film Festival at Venice.
  • The film was originally finalized in 2008 with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead role but later the producers backed out and the film was cancelled.
  • The background score of Tumbbad was composed by Danish sound designer and composer, Jesper Kyd. He has also composed the music for a number of popular video games including the Assassin’s Creed Franchise.

Tumbbad has been considered to be a masterpiece in the horror and thriller genre and received positive reviews and appreciations from domestic and international critics.

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