Trump vs Transgenders

Trump vs Transgenders, It is not a secret that Donald Trump is intolerant towards many communities, including the Transgenders. So, it doesn’t come as a shock when the Trump administration proposes to roll back the Obama era civil rights safeguards that had banned discrimination against transgender people seeking medical care/insurance.

The proposed regulation would put an end to a law placed by the Obama administration in 2016 that added gender identity in discrimination on the basis of sex. They believed that an aspect of sex was a person’s internal gender identity and not the ascribed identity. If this law is revoked, it would allow healthcare workers to deny services to members of the transgender community. It would also allow insurance companies to do the same. This is the middle of a global pandemic, in fact in any given time, flies right in the face of the concepts of equality and freedom. This plays into the big picture demanded by conservative activists who stand against members of the LGBT community. It is predicted that this will also lead to inequality in employment opportunities.


The government affairs director for the human rights campaign claims that acts like these put members of the LGBT community at greater risk of being denied necessary and appropriate healthcare based on their identity. This move is correctly being viewed as the Trump-Pence administration’s attack on the LGBT community.

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