Trump Suspends Immigration

Immigration laws, or rather, execution of immigration laws under Donald Trump’s administration have been at the receiving end of major criticisms. Most people in detention are allegedly being treated poorly, beaten up, starved, denied basic hygiene, etc. Even if the world managed to somehow turn a blind eye to the plight of those detained, they could not help but notice his attempts to build a wall on the US- Mexico border. People have accused him of Xenophobia and Racism amongst other things, and his comments pertaining to the colour of skin of even members of the Congress don’t help his case. But recently, in a turn of events, Donald Trump has temporarily suspended permanent immigration to the States altogether.


The reason for this 60-day suspension of immigration seems to be the current pandemic. This statement stems from the idea that as America gradually re-opens, the job opportunities, and hence, ‘The American Dream’ will be reserved for Americans first, and will then open to the rest of the world. It is predicted that this will not only help flatten the Covid-19 curve but also better the quality of life in America once everything starts cooling down.

This decision has invited both praise and criticism. Since immigration to the US is already largely halted due to border restrictions and flight bans around the world, Democrats accuse the President of using the pandemic as a distraction to do what he had been planning for so long. Is this a genuine move to enhance the quality of life of the people in the United States, or is it just a façade for ulterior motives like keeping ‘outsiders’ outside?

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