No relationship whatsoever is perfect and without troubles. However some relationships make us feel loved and cared for whilst some others just drain us emotionally and depletes our productivity, confidence, and mental peace. Both personal and business relation ships can become toxic and once that happens, it’s better to step out.


Corporate and business relatio nships can become toxic when one of the partners withdraws energy and enthusiasm towards the business growth and monetary or intellectual investment. Also re-evaluation of any corporate relation ship is necessary when interacting with a business partner becomes psychologically draining instead of productive. This might incur revenue losses as well as disrupt relations with others involved with the organization. Lack of trust, hostile workplace atmosphere, communication gap, lack of mutual respect and support are some of the signs of a toxic relation ship which might be hazardous to a person’s psychological health and a company’s productivity.



Toxicity is common more in personal relation ships and romantic interests- where business purposes aren’t involved. Personal relation ships are formed not out of profit expectations but out of the need for a partner or sexuality.

Just like corporate relations, personal relationships can also face trust issues, hostility, communication gap, etc. which might cause couples to separate. Constant control of one partner over another reduces the personal space of the other person causing mutual disrespect. Once the feeling of disrespect and being trapped sneaks into a relationship, it’s better to walk out before things turn ugly.

Unrestrained emotions are another reason causing toxicity in a relationship. Supporting one’s partner to handling his/her mood swings can cause emotional dominance and imbalance which is quite draining and leaves the other partner feeling helpless and uncared. Toxic relationships also make a person lower their standards and make them feel uncomfortable. If a relationship contains dishonesty and unhappiness, it’s toxic. If one partner fails to accept the growth and development of the other, it stagnates senses and becomes a reason strong enough for walking out.


Personal relationships can also be psychologically abusive. When a partner becomes blamed for everything in a relationship, it’s a clear sign of emotional abuse. Constant humiliation, embarrassment, and lack of listening skills cause unhappy relationships, and unknowingly the feeling of being drained creeps in. Constant calls or texts when away from each other are signs of negligence towards individual space and freedom. This prevents personal growth which is an essential nature of human beings. Thus before a relationship deprives someone of his/ her basic nature, it’s better to walk out.

Isolating a partner from his/her friends or family is another sign of domination and control and in no way showcases affection and care. Several married couples in such relationships suffer from loneliness, anxiety, and insecurity because an abusive relationship can never make a person feel happy and secured.

No matter what kind of relationship, mutual trust, and respect are the keys to a productive and peaceful relationship. Any relationship that prevents individual growth and development is definitely not worth continuing.

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