Torrential Rain and Flooding led to the cancellation of Harry Styles pre-Super Bowl Show, Fans Disappointed

The cancellation of the Harry Styles pre-Super Bowl Show came as a massive shock for Harry Styles fans when he was forced to cancel his performance at the show due to torrential rain and flooding.

Miami’s new concert venue had to be abandoned immediately after the rain gushed into the venue and caused severe havoc

Styles was highly apologetic about cancelling his show and thus tweeted: 

To those of you here in Miami, I was told there’s a severe storm on the way. The fire department would not let us do the show under any circumstances. Please stay safe,” “I’m so disappointed, and I’m sorry.”

The mayhem was awful

Before the headliner, Harry Styles could perform on stage, DJ Mark Ronson and Lizzo made audiences revel in a superb evening. Soon after their performances, Harry Styles had to disappoint his fans by cancelling the show which was notified to the audiences on the screen.

Thousands of people had to leave with a broken heart, trying to find a safe space and taxi rides to get home comfortably. Indeed, it was a chaotic night. 

Pepsi at the feet of the audience

Harry Styles had to cancel, but that wasn’t it! Fans kept their disappointments at peak and promised to sue Pepsi for sponsoring such a show.

However, Pepsi came forward with a heartfelt apology and promised to refund the ticket money alongside the ride fares to make up for everything. 

Consequences were devastating 

The storm that caused torrential rain eventually led to heavy flooding across the streets. The strong winds also resulted in severe damage in a few areas which made the audiences more vigilant. 

It seems like Harry Styles cancelling the pre-super bowl show was only an add-on to an already dreadful evening. I hope his fans forgive him! 

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