Top Memes Of 2020

Memes are becoming a trending part of our daily life and it is an integral part of human life not a single day passes by without the need, not a single user would be there would not come across the means that are not trending they are a part of our dull and boring life which fluctuates our daily mood. Memes have been trending worldwide and India is no exception to this viral fever of memes.

Here are some trending memes list:-

1.”If it’s October why is it hot” – this member was released in the month of October and is called the 2nd summer as  Seasons change in this transition we experience both winter and summer so that opens a variety of memes.

2. Her recently launched multiplayer game just blew up it has a unique Idea a simple design completely free and is available across all platforms few games exist in this way to this game was loved by the last popularity basically there are 10 players and among them is an impostor there is a spaceship an impostor can kill and has the power to control the ship sometime when the dead body is found crew members can discuss and find out who among them is the imposter and if the fine can it get him into endless space this imposing successfully placed in the end he or she wins in the crew members have to do some task this games and it in many famous means when you were about to finish a long-term annoying task but then some joke report a dead body imposter pretending to fix the page ID in 3 seconds ago.

3.” How it feels like waking up every morning in 2020 ” this report was one of the most common memes and every Indian used to share on the social media platforms and thus could relate the covid-19 pandemic the whole world was under the cage.

4. “Kaun hai bhai Ye GDP Jo Ek quarter m down ho gaya”!

This was also the most common meme in 2020 which used to tell about the economy and the GDP during the covid-19 pandemic where the economy and GDP has touched the ground level and that was at the very pathetic condition and still it hasn’t been recovered yet.

5. “Recently a picture of a girl was said and was commented with I looked like Rihanna? but on the other hand, there was a comment related to you look like a” post Malone “and this was shed a lot over social media and went viral and funny people were sharing it at a huge quantity.

6. A picture of two couples from a movie was shared,” Aakhir woh din aa hi gaya by using “#pubgbaninindia . When pubg games were banned in India meanwhile Indian parents were in the same situation. They were praising the government that they have banned pubg games and now that kids won’t be and others.

7. One of the most fun as well and Indian serial killer comment was “Rasode me kon tha”   this was widely shared after the Vinod Meme, Rashi Bain actors led to the famous Yash Raj famous the soda mein kaun tha Meme Yash Raja the great musician who takes normal and ordinary people and made them fingers Yash Raj has been doing this for more than a year Garma- Garam and a song this month Yashraj went for the old serial which is already heavily trolled by roasted like carryminati, ally, the serial involves two men main characters Gopi bahu and Kokila baby Gopi bahu is roasted for washing laptop and utensils as mention I am now the famous scene who was presented in the ‘rasode ‘leading to the rasode song this quickly became viral on Instagram leading to the earlier post on YouTube YouTubers like Tanmay Bhat started reacting to eventually this went so viral that famous Minister is Smriti Irani posted on a version of the song.

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