The PlayStation 4 has been the most amazing console since its release and even though the PlayStation 5 is being released soon, there are still plenty of new games which are going to be released on the Ps4 and are going to be one of the best games ever released on the PlayStation 4. So here is a list of games which according me will be the best games released in 2020.

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Co-op: N/A
Competitive multiplayer: To be Announced
The last of us is a very popular video game from the developer’s naughty dog. The game is a narrative-driven title that follows a man to tasked with delivering a girl across the country because of her immunity. The game is based in a post-apocalyptic world where the world is infested with a virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures. The reason why the man is risking her life for a girl is unveiled during their journey. The last of us 2 continues the storyline. From the trailer, it looks like that the threat this time is not the virus but other human factions. A faction killed Elie’s love interest which made her super angry and has filled her with hate and she sets off to take revenge against them. This will still be a survival game from a third-person perspective. The open world is said to be larger and the movement system has become more fluid and realistic.

2). Cyberpunk 2077-
Developer- CD Projekt red
Publisher: CD Projekt
Release: end of 2020
Co-op: N/A
Competitive multiplayer: yes
The most awaited game of this year, ever since its launch gamers all around the world are excited to see what this game has to bring especially after seeing Keanu reeves in the trailer. After the Witcher trilogy, this is expected to be the best game that will be released by Projekt red. Cyberpunk2077 is an open-world RPG but unlike the Witcher trilogy, this game takes place way in the future which were crime and greed rule the world. The main character is a mercenary named v who takes odd jobs in order to build his or her street cred. Higher the cred, the more weird and tough tasks we get. One of the most interesting things about this game is that the developers will allow players to decide how they proceed into the game and the choices and actions gamers will take will influence the ending of the game which will give an incentive to players to start the game again. U will also be able to edit the body of the character u choose, which has never been done in an open-world game.

Developer- Ubisoft
Publisher- Ubisoft
Release- 2020
Co-op- To be discussed
Competitive multiplayer- To be discussed
Who doesn’t love an assassin’s creed game? From the Ezio trilogy to black flag to their latest game odyssey and now Valhalla which looks amazing like their earlier games or maybe even better. I myself am an assassin’s creed fan and watching the trailer gave me goosebumps. This game is based on the Viking era where the Vikings play as a Viking leader during an expansion. Though a lot of detail hasn’t been given about the game, it does look like there will be exploration like an assassin’s creed odyssey where there will be a lot of kingdoms spread across the land and players will have the ability to form their own settlement.
This year is definitely for gamers all around the world which have kind of benefited by the pandemic as it gave them more time to improve on their gaming skills and I guess most of them will be definitely looking forward to playing these games.

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