Today, there is almost no one who doesn’t know about Marvel and DC. These comic giants have created huge fictional universes having thousands of characters, some of which are so powerful they destroy a planet without lifting a finger.
Here are the top 10 most powerful beings in the DC universe.

Though Superman is arguably the most powerful being on Earth, Infront of other cosmic entities in the universe, he is no less than an ant. But, in an alternate universe, the 853rd Century superman is no less than a god. In this universe, superman traveled the entire universe, his family and friends on Earth died in Infront of him, he then spends 15,000 years in a sun absorbing its energy and when he comes out, he is golden all over and all his powers have been magnified to an infinite level.

The Endless is a family of 7 powerful beings representing natural forces or are embodiments of different aspects of the universe. They existed before gods and represent the abstract concepts of Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. They each have their own realm and have absolute power and sovereignty.

Doctor Jonathan Osterman was a nuclear physicist who trapped in a radioactive particle test that tore him into pieces and vaporized it. He was actually taken out of the physical realm and returned with God-like powers. Dr. Manhattan traveled from the watchman universe to the man DC universe and is capable of controlling matter on a subatomic level.

Eclipso is the embodiment of God’s wrath, he was responsible for the Great Flood which destroyed everything except Noah’s Ark. He is immortal, invulnerable, has the power to fly, and enhanced speed and intelligence. He is said to have unlimited strength. Eclipso later became evil and was stripped of his rank by god and was replaced by “The Spectre”.

The Decreator is the shadow of god which has the power to make things disappear from existence. The Decreator is a bloodshot eye and has no sense of morality, emotions, personality, and is a pure form of destruction. The Decreator continues to destroy things and cannot be stopped but members of the Doom Patrol were able to slow him down to such a rate that it is not noticeable to the human race.

The Spectre represents the vengeance of the Presence, aka the Dc equivalent of God. He controls all matter, manipulates space and time to punish the wicked. Spectre was created from the angel Aztar, who repented his sin of rebelling against God with Samael. According to the new rules, he has to be bound to a human soul to roam the Earth.

Ellaine Belloc is the daughter of the archangel Michael Demiurgos, making her a half-angel and a direct descendant of God. When Michael dies, he transfers his powers to her giving her the power of Dunamis Demiurgos aka the power of God. Later, she takes over for the presence becoming the ruler of creation and is called the most powerful being in the universe. She is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

Michael Demiurgos
At the start of the universe, God created two beings, the archangel Samael and Michael Demiurgos. Michael is immortal and nigh-omnipotent. He has the power of Dunamis Demiurgos or the power of God, he can create anything from nothing but does not have the ability to give it shape. Michael dies after being injured by the mythical wolf, Fenrir.

Lucifer Morningstar also known as Samael is an archangel and represents God’s will. He is nigh-omnipotent and is only matched by his brother Michael Demiurgos and exceeded by his father, The Presence. Lucifer rebelled against God and as a punishment was forced to rule hell for 10 billion years. He then retires and runs a club in Los Angeles. “LUCIFER”, the series on Netflix is about his adventures on Earth.

The Presence is the DC equivalent of God, though there are many godly beings like Greek gods, Egyptian gods and Hindu gods in the DC universe, he is the only truly godly character who was responsible for the creation of the Universe. He is omnipotent and eternal, his powers are infinite and we can’t even imagine their limits.
And here it, the most powerful beings in the DC universe. Is there anyone else you think should make this list?

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