Top 10 guns of the world

Guns In this where peace is more important than war countries are trying to update their warfare skills and equipping their armies with new weapons. So let us have a look at some best guns currently available on this earth.

10. HK416 Assault Rifle


This gun is designed and manufactured by Heckler and Koch. This gun is assembled in Germany. It is stable at firing than rest of guns and has good aiming guns scopes.

9. DSR 50 Sniper
This gun is also manufactured in Germany and is equipped with 50 calibre rounds.

8. Thompson M1921
It is a submachine gun, manufactured in America. This gun is guns equipped with a vertical foregrip to keep stable while firing. This gun is also known as Tommy Gun.

7. UZI

UZI-NewsORB360 guns

It is a submachine gun manufactured in Israel. It is equipped with a periscope. It matches the look of a pistol but fires 25 rounds in 3 seconds.

6. MG3 Machine Gun
This gun is manufactured in Germany and was invented in 1950 and is used guns until now. It is the most preferred gun nowadays and is being used in more than 30 countries. Only 7 countries have the right to manufacture it.

5. AK-47
It was first manufactured in Russia. It is an assault rifle. Nowadays guns it is mostly used in the Indian Army.

4. XM307 ACSW

XM307-ACSW-NewsORB360 guns

It is categorised as a machine gun and has the ability to shoot at longer guns ranges. Mostly used in hilly areas this weapon needs to be installed to ground before firing.

3. F-2000
This gun was manufactured in Belgium and was launched in Abu-Dhabi in 2001. It was designed by F N Hershell. It contains two assemblies and a trigger.

2. Accuracy International AS50
This gun is manufactured in Britain by Accuracy International and is categorised as a sniper rifle. It comes equipped with a scope which allows to shoot down guns long-range enemies.

1. Heckler Koch MG43

Heckler-Koch-MG-43-NewsORB360 guns

It is a lightweight machine gun. It was manufactured in 1990 in guns Germany by Heckler and Koch. It is capable of shooting down enemies at longer ranges.

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