Tips To Become A Pro In Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile is one of the most played multiplayer online games these days. According to a survey conducted data was revealed that about 70% of youth are playing pubg mobile to currently all over the world. Noob and Pro, both these terms are well known to every pubg player. There a some common mistakes which we do while playing the game. If we focus on some of the common mistakes and improve them then surely a noob can turn into a pro. Headphones are vital to give you special awareness which your phone’s speakers cannot provide. If you are using good quality earphones then surely you can spot the location of your enemy from a distance without looking into the map.

Tips to become a pro In pubg mobile-NewsORB360

While taking a shot or firing at an enemy always go for the head rather than a body shot. Also while sniping you have to take care of bullet drop. Those who aren’t acquainted with the term bullet drop, bullet drop is actually the height that a bullet drops after being fired to a certain destination. Greater the distance greater the drop. Always keep your weapons reloaded in case you engage in a fight at a place where there is no place to hide. And always try to reload your weapon at a safe place while in combat. Loot is a very tempting prospect of getting good guns and armor extend your chances of survival but always see if the coast is clear or not before rushing for loot.

Tips to become a pro In pubg mobile-NewsORB360

Try to avoid the use of vehicles in final zones or circles so that your location is not tracked.
Always equip your guns with a suppressor so that you are not spotted while firing at the enemy. Always use smoke grenade while reviving teammates in open areas.

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