TIANANMEN MASSACRE, China, land of communist, where freedom of speech is a myth. The amount of restriction which CCP imposes on the press, social media, and every other person who speaks for his rights and on the people who talk about democracy is not unknown to the free world. Recently, after the proposed legislation of the Hong Kong extradition bill, there was a mass protest, and the whole world witnessed the use of live rounds by police on the protestors. But this kind of suppression is no new to Chinese people.

15th April 1989, it was the day when Hu Yaobang, a high CCP official died due to heart attack while attending a Politburo meeting to discuss educational reforms. He constantly talked about educational reforms and liberalize Chinese politics and on freedom of speech. In 1989, China was headed by Yang Shangkun and the party decided to outcast him. Unfortunately, he died and after his death, many pro-democracy students decided to protest non-violently. People started to gather around Tiananmen Square and were unaware of what will happen to them after a few weeks. Within a span of 4-5 weeks, Tiananmen Square attracted millions of pro-democracy protestors.

4th JUNE, 1989.
Unaware of their fate, protestors peacefully tried to convince their agenda to CCP but on the night of the 3rd June People’s Liberation Army with more than 2,00,000 soldiers and hundreds of tanks and heavy artilleries surrounded the Tiananmen Square and the army men opened fire on the protestors.

This incident was unknown to the outside world. The free world came to know about this massacre by the smuggled pictures and secret reports. Chinese authorities claim the death of only two hundred protestors but student leaders claim that the number was more than three thousand. U.K based secret agency later gave a report which said that there were a minimum of ten thousand deaths and many more uncounted. This brutal incident was one of the biggest massacres of that decade and for many coming decades.

Among many pictures and videos that came in front of the world, there was a famous picture that later became a symbol of resistance and came to be known as the Tank Man image. To this day it is unknown what happened to that man.

There have been many unaccounted protests in China against press freedom and corruption in CCP, for Hong-Kong and for democracy but still, Chinese people don’t have real freedom.

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