SHOWS The COVID 19 pandemic postponed the release of various movies on the big curtain but it has not hampered the release of various shows and movies on the streaming platforms where each week we find new releases.

Here is a list of three shows which are being released SHOWS which won’t let you get bored this whole lockdown week:-

Metro-Park-NewsORB360 SHOWS

Metro Park Quarantine Edition (released on May 23rd)- This Eros SHOWS Now original series is a special quarantine edition wherein the actors of the show have shot their parts at their home. This show is a story about a Gujarati family who settled in New Jersey, the USA who face various problems in creating relationships in an American neighborhood .in this season, the families are locked up and bond only using calls and facetime. It stars Ranvir Shorey, Omi Vaidya, Purbi Joshi, Pitobash Tripathy, and Vega Tamotia who have done a tremendous SHOWS job especially among these hard times, and are going to keep you and your family entertained with their goofy acts.

Snowpiercer-NewsORB360 SHOWS

Snowpiercer (releases on 25th may)- This 10-part Netflix series is based on SHOWS the 2013 sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer directed by bong Joon. The movie was about how we humans in the efforts to reduce global warming went too far and inadvertently caused an ice age. With temperatures very low, humans could only survive in an enormous train which was endlessly circumnavigating the globe. On the train, the passengers were divided into the rich and poor with the rich at the front of the train in the first class enjoying the luxury and the poor at the back of the train, living miserably. Fed up with their treatment the people at the back of the train start a revolt and start moving towards the SHOWS engine. The show is also very similar just with more time where Daveed digs stars as Andre Layton, a former homicide detective who is now the SHOWS “Tailie” and Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavil who is the “voice of the train”. The series is dark, funny, and filled with twists which are definitely going to surprise you.

Space Force-NewsORB360 SHOWS

Space Force (releases on May 29th)- This Netflix show is definitely a TV lover’s SHOWS dream. It is based on the new army wing recently launched by Mr. Donald trump of the same name. the show stars Steve Carell as Mark R. Naird who is a decorated pilot who dreams of running the air force but then gets chosen to run the military’s new sixth branch and SHOWS gets tasked by the
white house with getting American boots on the moon to achieve total dominance, carrell’s team faces many problems which will SHOWS definitely keep you laughing.

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