We all are well acquainted with Thor son of Odin and god of thunder THOR and lightning. We also know that Thor was the owner of the two most powerful weapons of the world that is STORMBREAKER and MJOLNIR. Both the weapons were made of same metal i.e. URU metal which was the hardest metal of the universe and they also had to take the energy of a star to craft it. Both were made by Eitri and other dwarf blacksmiths of Nidavellir.


MJOLNIR was actually crafted by Odin for THOR his daughter Hela. It was the most powerful weapon and with the help of MJOLNIR Hela and Odin fought countless battles and won them too. But one day Odin decides to be a peaceful king but Hela did not agree with her father so he imprisoned Hela and kept the MJOLNIR in his vault until Thor was born and then he gifted it to him. But one day Odin realised that Thor was also on Hela’s path so he took the MJOLNIR from Thor and made an enchantment to it that ” Whosoever holds this hammer if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor” after which Thor became a good person. But then in Thor Ragnarok, we all know that Odin died and Hela returned and when Thor threw his hammer on Hela she destroyed it.

Now let’s come to the STORMBREAKER. THOR STORMBREAKER first got an entry in MCU in Avengers Infinity War where Thor went to Nidavellir where Eitri made it for Thor to have a combat with Thanos. Thor almost killed himself to make Stormbreaker by letting the energy of a star to fall through him which was used to light the furnace. Then we all saw how Thor used it against Thanos and his army. It was so powerful weapon that it was able to pierce Thano’s chest defeating the Infinity Stone’s power.

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Now we will choose the strongest of these two weapons of Thor on the basis of some tests.

As in last fight of endgame, we saw Thor summoned both STORMBREAKER and MJOLNIR at the same time but MJOLNIR reached his hand just a second before STORMBREAKER so we can that say that MJOLNIR’s speed is more than that of STORMBREAKER.

This is a very easy question to answer we have seen shapes of both the weapons we will easily get to the point that an axe gives more damage to a person or a cosmic entity than a hammer, therefore, damage of STORMBREAKER is more than that of MJOLNIR. Even STORMBREAKER was able to penetrate Thanos’s chest by defeating the energy of the infinity gauntlet.

There is no magical enchantment on STORMBREAKER so everyone can lift it but Odin has enchanted MJOLNIR so only worthy men can lift it. Just like STORMBREAKER was lifted by Thanos to kill Thor whereas Captain America was worth a good man so he was able to lift the MJOLNIR for a good cause to save the universe.

MJOLNIR was a very powerful weapon even it can destroy a complete THOR planet but in Infinity War Eitri told Thor that it was the most powerful weapon he has ever made. As I have already told you both the weapons were made at the same place by the same person so it is very easy to decide that STORMBREAKER is more powerful.


Oh! We got a tie match here. Two points for THOR STORMBREAKER and two for MJOLNIR. But let me tell you that STORMBREAKER has one more special feature that MJOLNIR does not have and that feature is to summon bifröst. Yes STORMBREAKER can summon bifröst anywhere anytime thus making easy for its master to go anywhere in the nine realms and the realm of the God anytime. So we can easily get to decide that STORMBREAKER is better than MJOLNIR.

One more interesting fact is that if MJOLNIR and STORMBREAKER clash then both the weapons will destroy because two uru metal-made weapons will destroy THOR each other when they clash.

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