These Weird Habits Of Your Favourite Filmstars Will Leave You In Splits

We all have a weird side to ourselves which we’d never want people to know about. But it’s funny, how these famous Bollywood film-stars don’t mind the internet bursting into laughter at their weird habits.

While one bites nails in public, the other lusts the idea of sunbathing every day. If you can’t wait to take a closer look at your favourite Bollywood stars and their weird habits, come along!

Get ready for a fun ride!

The media knows everything about our favourite film-stars and we can’t help but love to read about them every day. If you are a Bollywood fan and enjoy keeping up with all the news of your favourite stars, get ready for your daily dose of gossip.

1. Deepika Padukone has OCD
In a recent interview, Deepika unravelled her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which makes her a cleanliness geek forever.


“For a lot of people, OCD may be a reason to worry, but my OCD doesn’t disturb me, in fact, I find it very therapeutic. When I was in school, my friends’ parents would call me to sleep over for a girl night because they knew that the minute, I come home I will start cleaning their rooms making their lives easier. I am still that person. When I go to somebody’s vanity van, I start cleaning spaces around”, said Deepika in the interview.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan bites nails
Everyone’s favourite and most importantly her own favourite, Kareena Kapoor Khan too is added in this list. For fans who’ve watched her in interviews are surely aware of her insane and unimaginably gross love for biting nails.


Often our gorgeous Bebo, is noticed with decaying nail paints since she has consumed the upper layer, compelled with the habit. Let’s hope she gets away with this tacky habit soon.

3. Sushmita Sen baths under the sun
The stunning Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen’s habit is much to raise a brow at. Her unusual habit of taking a bath under the sun has left everyone stunned for hours on end. This is why she has a bathtub on a rooftop, facing the sun! Sounds relaxing, right? Sushmita also has an open roof bathroom in her home where she takes sunbaths to her heart’s content.


4. Vidya Balan is not bothered about her phone
The beautiful Indian actress is perhaps every mom’s dream daughter. Amidst this tech-savvy generation who can’t do a minute without their phone in the hand, Vidhya Balan can survive hours without her phone as she is not so technology addicted.


Even on sets when she is shooting for a film, it’s amazing how Vidhya is the least concerned about her phone and the constantly popping notifications.

5. Shah Rukh Khan needs peaceful eating time
Although King Khan is much loved in the Indian film fraternity and even abroad, a few of his irritating habits don’t praise his fans much. We all know about his chain-smoking habit but he seems far away from leaving it.


King Khan is apparently also addicted to black Coffee which renders him comfort and energy to function throughout the day but when it comes to his weird habit, you’ll probably laugh at it. Shah Rukh Khan hates anyone disturbing him while he is eating. If anyone does, they are sure to have a bad time dealing with him.

6. Jeetendra eats papaya’s while pooping
Perhaps the grossest of all the weird habits listed here among Bollywood film-stars, Jeetendra’s habit will make you nauseous. He is addicted to the habit of eating Papayas while pooping in his washroom. I am already throwing up!


7. Sunny Leone washes her feet every 15 minutes
The sexy stunner of the film industry, Sunny Leone is into the habit of washing her feet every 15 minutes. She has confessed about this habit in several of her famous interviews and we wonder why she does that anyway!


8. Amitabh Bachchan wears two watches on the same wrist
The last of the lot, Amitabh Bachchan has often been caught on cameras wearing two wristwatches in the same hand. Weird isn’t it?


The reason why he wears two wristwatches is to keep a track of the time in both India and abroad. Interesting though!

They are one of us…

Well, behind these worldly admired star faces, is a normal human being like all of us. And these weird habits are just another proof of how our filmstars are one among us.

Talking about that, what’s your weird habit? Let us know in the comment section below! I promise it will be a secret! 😛

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