It all started with a TikToke r Amir Siddiqui releasing a video bashing YouTubers for ridiculing them, stealing their content to get views, and claiming that the makers’ community on TikTok is better. This video went viral and created an unexpected war between the two apps.


It’s evident that content creators especially ‘roasters’ on YouTube are seen ridiculing the TikTok space often and even going to the extent of shaming male tiktokers about their gender. It was quite obvious that someone would reply one day and that’s what exactly happened. Along with several YouTubers posting as a reply to this YouTube vs TikTok war, Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati on YouTube released a 13-minute response video that was tremendously
liked by the public. It went on trending #1 on Twitter and Carryminati became the first YouTuber to gain 1million subscribers in just 24hrs after the release.

Though appreciated and highly praised by the biggest YouTube stars of India, Carryminati’s roast video had content that was highly derogatory. Let’s have a look at them-

“TikTok ki betiyan”- A phrase that literally translates to “The daughters of TikTok”. This is used to shame male TikTokers and its objectionable as app preferences do not give anyone the right to question anyone’s identity (or gender).


“Mard”- A consistent problem in India is the misconstrued idea of masculinity i.e. the ideal man- the “Mard”. In the roast video, Ajey Nagar openly insults TikTokers and says stuff to prove that they aren’t ‘manly enough’ as they’re TikTok creators. This kind of misandry and sexism associated with singing, dancing, or performing on TikTok might go a long way. Also, as there aren’t any set standards of manliness, big YouTubers stating such facts ignites misinterpretation of manliness.

Body Shaming- Body shaming is an age-old problem and never a joke. Ajey Nagar asks everyone to take the body-shaming as a joke but that’s definitely a subtle form of insult.

“Mithai ki dukan pe leke jaunga, 200 me bik jayega”- Such statements by such a big YouTuber and social media influencer promotes hatred towards the LGBTQ community as well as towards TikTok creators.

Misogyny- With continuous abuses about mother & sister and calling a male TikToker “beti” to look cool and trendy shows the level of misogyny filled on social media. Lastly, personal preferences can never be judged on public platforms and a big YouTuber releasing a video that promotes sexism is a very sorry state of affairs.

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