The United States is the country worst hit by the coronavirus over 90,000 deaths since the coronavirus came from China, the United States is not happy with it and blames China for its spread in US territory. The United States has been continuously taking action against China on all fronts and has been continuously criticizing it, accusing COVID 19 to be a scheme by the Chinese Government. Let us see some actions taken by Trump Government to push back China’s recent attempts to UNITED fulfill its goals while everyone else is focused on COVID 19. China has been trying to take over the South China sea for ages claiming its part of Chinese territory.

The United States takes action against China-NewsORB360

This caused it to get into a conflict with a lot of states namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, the United States, and Vietnam. The matter has been unresolved for quite some time and recently, China stole a COVID 19 UNITED march. It gave Covid-19 as an excuse to intensify its military forces in the South China Sea region and conducted various naval exercises to show its might. To push back China, the United States stepped up its naval exercises in the disputed maritime area as well as conducted joint exercises between the US Air force and Marines. US deplored USS America, USS Bunkerhill and USS Barry warships to the South China sea to show its commitment to the maritime region’s security, This was followed by further UNITED deployments whose aim is to check China’s ambition to expand its territory. The US navy has not only increased its deployments to the area but also its coverage, China’s response as expected was to send more aircraft for patrolling mission.

The United States takes action against China-NewsORB360

The United States has also blacklisted 33 Chinese companies and other institutions for human rights violations and addressing their security concerns involving weapons of mass destruction. These companies have been accused of “spying” for Beijing on the minority Uighurs and having ties to weapons of mass destruction and the Chinese Military. Many of the companies have been found to allegedly trying to procure items for use by the Chinese military. The actions follow the same UNITED measures which were taken by the US to limit the influence of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. for what they called national security reasons. A bill called the COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Act is also being considered by the US. The aim of this bill is to prevent China to “steal” or “interfere” with American research on the COVID-19 Vaccine. According to this act, all non-immigrant Chinese nationals in the United States holding a Visa who are taking part in activities related to COVID-19 UNITED research are to be monitored by US agencies. The bill is still going through a review.

The United States takes action against China-NewsORB360

China lied to the world, when the coronavirus outbreak happened in Wuhan, it limited domestic flights and barred American and other international medical from entry for weeks. During this time, it hoarded masks, sanitizers, gloves, and other medical supplies getting ready to fight the virus, despite knowing the danger, China hid the truth from the international community. If we knew about it beforehand, the number of causalities could have been refused by a huge margin. China’s lie is what led to the world’s suffering.

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