The relationship between the game of chess and artificial intelligence has been for decades since Alan Turing first started researching on a chess computer in 1946. He made a few basic principles by giving each piece some values, white and black moves and counter moves needed to be examined. If white played one move then all of the opponent’s moves and all possible counter moves by the white need to be studied until there can be no move played. The moves were selected on the basis of material which could be won. All of this was further developed into a program for the Ferranti mark1 which became the first program to solve problems of chess.

Chess a game of strategy, mathematic, patterns, and variations. After the first three moves from each side, there can be 12 million moves played by a person which proves how complex the analysis of the game is. Earlier the artificial intelligence was not advanced enough to solve complex problems because of the enormous amount of variations, chess helped the cause. The ability of a machine to play chess properly has taken a more symbolic meaning since the first precompute devices. it was after a Spanish scientist Leonardo Torres y Quevedo who made an electromagnetic device to checkmate a human in a simple endgame that made him believe that the machines are capable to be programmed and follow rules but it was after the defeat of Gary Kasparov by the supercomputer IBM built called the deep blue that made people sure that computers can actually defeat humans in terms of intelligence, logic and many other fields except emotions which itself is not logical.

The progress for an AI to defeat a human took a long time. The first program to defeat a human was developed in 1967 by Richard Greenblatt and was a very unforgettable moment for various computer scientists. The IBM supercomputer also had to be improved because IBM deep blue 1 lost to Gary Kasparov when it played with him in their first tournament. It was IBM deep water 2 which could evaluate 200 million positions per second which were twice as fast IBM 1.

Since then chess and artificial intelligence have been related and have helped each other in ways like new chess openings and variations have been found by several supercomputers and chess helping to evaluate the critical thinking of artificial intelligence. AI is developing every day, now there are various chess engines which can be downloaded on mobile devices and be equal to various grandmasters. artificial intelligence being our future is being focused a lot these days for more efficiency and accuracy in work which a human cant achieves. But even after all of that, a human’s brain will still be considered more complex because of certain factors in humans such as emotions, which will always outweigh the mind of an AI

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