The reality behind Film Chapaak’s failure at the box office

The film Chapaak which was released on January 10, 2020, seemed to disappoint the audience with its failure at the box office
. The question is – even after being such a severe social issue, how did it manage to plunge into nothingness?

Well, if you’ve been wondering the same, here’s a peek into what went wrong!

Film Chapaak

The story was a surreal blur 

When the trailer of Chapaak was released, audiences weren’t as pleased with the presentation as expected. Certainly, people waited for the film to arrive in the hope of something different, but it still didn’t work well.

The film ultimately proved to be a massive failure because it didn’t leave any room for imagination. Each scene was highly predictable and lacked a sense of fascination to keep the viewers bound. Although Deepika’s acting was terrific, it was a pity that the story was such a blur. 

Deepika’s support to JNU students 

Right before the day of her movie release, Deepika was observed standing in solidarity with the JNU students against the protests of CAB. Her stand with the Jawaharlal Nehru Students (JNU) was highly condemned by Twitter users who even demanded to boycott her movie for this act.

This serious issue caused havoc on the social media platform which ultimately affected the film terribly. While most people disagree on this idea, it is fair to say that this was one of the major reasons for its box-office failure.

The overall image of the film was boring

Deepika’s Chapaak reflected a very monotonously negative and boring scenario for the viewers with no sense of curiosity at all. 


These were some of the main reasons why the film failed to hit the box office even after consistent efforts. 

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