The Prettiest Wedding Ever

Prettiest If you’re anything like me, you are conditioned to Instagram stalk cute stars from whatever show you have watched most recently. So, it wasn’t a surprise when I found myself Instagram stalking almost the Prettiest entire cast of the recent Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever’. I ended up on the feed of Richa Shukla Moorjani (@richamoorjani to make it easier for you) and found heart-warming pictures from her wedding.

The prettiest wedding ever-NewsORB360 Prettiest

And I don’t just mean kind of Prettiest cute pictures. I mean ridiculously aesthetically pictures of her and her husband. To think that while planning this amazing wedding she was also shooting a show in which she was confused between two guys. It was a full-blown, big fat Prettiest Indian wedding. And there was a pre-wedding photoshoot!

Richa met her husband Bharat Rishi Moorjani on a dating app! Who would’ve thought that Kamala, the girl that couldn’t even get out of meeting boys for an arranged marriage would in real life marry a man she met online? While aimlessly stalking her on the abyss that is the internet, I also heard one of the cutest proposal stories ever. Apparently, Bharat basically staged a fake audition for a romantic comedy film, Prettiest and in the middle of it, interrupted her and got down on his knees (Talk about a big gesture). As anybody would, she obviously said yes.

The prettiest wedding ever-NewsORB360 Prettiest

After looking for months, they finally found their dream wedding destination Prettiest in Mexico. Her wedding pictures make me want to instantly get married (even though I have nobody to got married to welp) only for the sake of getting all dressed up and getting photographed like this.
In an interview with Vogue, Richa talked about how she had always dreamt of a beach wedding, and heavy rainfall on her wedding day almost crushed that. But the couple decided that an indoor wedding was not what they want. Fortunately, right before the wedding, the skies cleared up, in fact, Prettiest a beautiful rainbow came out at the perfect time. Makes one think that a gorgeous beach wedding was what she asked Lord Ganesha for while Devi was praying to get into Princeton.

I mean will you look at the pictures, I might just die.

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