COVID-19, A nation without lockdown, a nation still sticking to somewhat the ‘old normal’, a country without any new locally transmitted diseases in the past month, Taiwan becomes the first country in the world to WIN against COVID-19.

Taiwan isn’t USA, Germany or France and that’s probably the reason the world ignored its contribution and fight against COVID-19. The world ignored Vietnam’s excellent quarantine
policies solely because it’s unpopular. The globe ignored India’s lockdown strategy on a population of 1.3 billion solely because it’s underrated. All the ‘influential’ nations ignored the winning strategy from Taiwan because it’s undiscovered.


Turning a deaf ear to under-represented and unpopular countries can prove dangerous in several ways. It stops the scope of learning that will do nothing but worsen the pandemic.

Located very next to the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan only reported 438 cases in total and deaths of only 6 people. For a very long time, Taiwan saw no new locally transmitted cases which can be considered as their win against this international pandemic. Taiwan didn’t even impose a nation-wide lockdown. All they did was prevent all flights from

Wuhan from reaching Taiwan. They socially distanced themselves using a very unique method- their phones. The Taiwan government would track all the people using their phone locations and call them twice a day to make sure they’re staying indoors. No one complained or protested against the stringent measures and coordinated with the government as much as possible. That’s why, after 5 months, Taiwan is living the life, the world is currently dreaming about- the ‘old normal’.


Thus the kids there still went to school. Their economy hasn’t stopped and even their sports events could happen with a ‘quarantine friendly audience’ i.e. cut-outs and life-size statues
of people.

The current president and the first woman president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen herself said, “Taiwan is a free, democratic and amazing place.”

Even though their efforts aren’t recognized, Taiwan has manufactured and provided several countries with a total of 17 million masks for free. Taiwan can help by being the voice of
the underrated nations around the world, of the quarantine measures in Vietnam, of the mass-testing steps of South Korea and of the lockdown strategy of India. Taiwan and their controlling measures can be the voice of the world in winning against COVID-19.

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