The North Pole Soon to be Ice-Free in the Summer: Scientists

The smallest and shallowest of the world’s five major oceans are under Summer threat of losing its icy surface. Currently, the North Pole is covered by sea ice year-round. Each summer, the ice cover decreases, and returns in the winter. Amid rapid climate change, the extent of the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is diminishing faster than ever. A major new piece of research published in the Geophysical Research Letters, a major scientific journal, used 40 different climate modules to conclude that ice-free summers in the Arctic Oceans are nearly inevitable.

Scientist-North-Pole-NewsORB360 Summer

The study found that even if CO2 emissions are rapidly Summer reduced, the Arctic sea ice will nevertheless disappear in the summer before 2050, shocking the researchers. The sea ice is crucial for the polar ecosystem, as a hunting ground and a habitat for various animals such as polar bears and seals. It also keeps the North Pole cool by reflecting sunlight off its bright white surface.

If CO2 emissions continue to rise, most summers will see the ice-free Arctic Ocean. But, if emissions are reduced and temperature increases are brought down to within 2 degrees Celsius a year, then the ice will disappear Summer completely only once or twice every few years.

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