The Most Popular Unsolved Cases

Some cases that come to law enforcement agencies, leave even them stupefied. Following are 3 such case that left people wondering what really happened.

The disappearance of The Sodder’s- On December 24th 1945, a fire set the Sodder home, with the couple and 9 out of 10 of their children inside. The couple and their 4 children escaped and the other 5 were left inside. The bodies of those 5 were never found. The Sodder’s believe that those 5 children are still alive and have escaped. They never rebuilt and instead made a memorial for the children there. They disputed the fire department’s claims of it being an electrical fire, and argue that it was an arson. In 1960, they received a picture of what seems to be one of the five kids as an adult. Many believe that the children were taken by the Sicilian Mafia due to how outspoken George Sodder was against Mussolini. Even the FBI was involved in this case. But even after the numerous attempts made by both the family and law enforcement, there have been no conclusive findings.


The Boy in the Box- This is the name given to an unidentified 4-5-year-old boy who was found murdered in a bassinet box. It was first discovered by a man checking on his muskrat traps nearby. Fearing getting caught, he did not report it. A few days later, another man found the body and reported it. Many theories came up about what happened but two really stood out. The first theory is that he was the son of the step-daughter 9of the man that owned a nearby foster home. The child had been disposed off so as to not reveal his mother as an unwed parent, that the death was accidental. This stems from the fact that the blankets and bassinets found at the foster home matched the one that the boy was found in. The second came up when a woman named Martha claimed that her abusive mother purchased the boy from his real parents. She said that the boy was then sexually abused and one day after a severe beating, died. This theory sounded plausible but the fact that Martha had a history of mental illness troubled the police. In this cases, the police were unable to verify Martha’s theory.


Room 1046- On 2nd January, 1935 a man rented a room in Hotel President (Missouri) under the name of Roland T. Owen. He was a well-built man with a scar on his face, and surprisingly, no luggage. He asked for a room only for one night, that didn’t face any streets and was on the interior. The bellboy Randolph Propst reached him to his room, where Owen kept his toothbrush, toothpaste and comb, and left to run an errand. Later, maid Mary Soptic came to the room to clean it and found Owen sitting in the room with shades down, only one lamp on, with an anxious look on his face. He left, and told Mary to leave the door open as he was expecting someone. When she returned to the room at about 4, she saw a note to someone called ‘Don’. The person writing the note was telling Don that they will be back in 15 minutes. The next morning, she came back to see Owen in the same condition as the previous day. He was talking on the phone and sounded uncomfortable. She went back later that afternoon and was asked to leave by a very gruff sounding man. Neighbours called in disturbances and sounds of a man and woman arguing that night. Propst went up to the room and asked Owen to hand the phone back up on the set as it was causing issues. He got no response, and neither did the other bellboy sent to do the same. The other bellboy, Pike, found oven lying on the bed naked. The next day, Soptic found him on the ground, deeply injured. He insisted that he hadn’t been attacked and had only fallen in the bath. Owen later died. There were no clothes anywhere, the room was covered in blood, a tiny sealed bottle of dilute sulphuric acid. There were no other clues at all. It was found that he hadn’t even given his real name to the hotel. We may never know who Roland Owen really was.


Cases like these really boggle one’s mind, and come out as stories that are read by people like you and me even after almost a 100 years later. But we might never really know, what really happened with the Sodder children, or the boy in the box, or the man that claims to be Roland Owen, or other cases like; whether or not OJ did it, or what happened to JonBenet Ramsey. But that’s where the essence of it lies, the urge to find what so many before us couldn’t.

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