The missing iPhone might finally unveil itself next month!

Finally, after long months of waiting, Apple might be launching its yet another iPhone next month. The iPhone 9 and SE 2 that went missing between iPhone 8 and 11 might now be unveiled.

Since Apple jumped from iPhone 8 to 11, several launches of Apple Phone have been experienced including iPhone XS Max, 11 and 8 plus. 

So, what do we know about the new i-Phone 9 and SE2 that is rumoured to be launched next month? Let’s find out!

Unlock the secrets of the upcoming iPhone9 

Recent reports suggest that the missing iPhone 9 will share similar appearances with that of iph-8. Quite like the iPh-8 which has slimmer bezels, even iPh-9 is expected to be just like it.

However, the new iPh-9 is rumoured to be made available in two different sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.4 inches. This is a massive advantage for people who often complain about the growing sizes of the latest iPhone launches. With a size as small as 4.7 inches, iph-9 is likely to become the newest launch with the smallest size.

Above all, the new phone will come with a power button-mounted touch ID sensor that will bring back the button on the front screen. 

Exciting revelations!

This time, the latest iPh-9 is also rumoured to come with 1 GB less RAM than that of the previous two launches, iPh-11 and 11 pro. Thus, it will include a 3BG RAM.

It is also expected to offer two storage sizes – 64gb and 128gb that will make the prices fluctuate accordingly. So far, the iPh-9 and SE 2 is set to launch with an opening price of Rs. 26,000 or $399. However, nothing is confirmed as yet.

With the deets that is making rounds on the internet, we can’t wait to grab the latest launch of Apple iPhone! 

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