The Men In Black

When you first come across the term ‘Men in Black’, an immediate thought might be Will Smith. Honestly, same. But for many conspiracy theorists, in Black are men dressed in a black suit who say make claims of being quasi-government agents. They have been known to threaten and sometimes even assault those that claim to have seen UFOs. Many believe that the men are actually aliens themselves, trying to prevent the truth from coming out. This term, however, is a general term used for all men working for (United States) government organisations that are rumoured to show interest in alien life and men carrying out shady activities near scenes of UFO sightings.


Among the documents leaked by Edward Men Snowden (American whistle-blower), were some images that brought to light how the United States government might be faking UFO sightings. That they know something about alien life that they’re not willing to disclose to the common man.

The in Black only seem to interact with two types of people- people that study UFOs or those who have claimed to see them. They’re often described as creepy, cold and expressionless. Some people who claim to have been visited by them recall that they refer to each other by numbers instead of names. The first-ever recorded encounter with them came in June 1947 from a man named Harold Dahl. He claimed that while he was out on his boat, he saw 6 doughnut-like objects in the air. One of them collapsed, injuring his son and his dog. He claims to have taken pictures that a man in black later fogged over, threatening him to remain quiet about Men what he saw.


Similar to this, in 1968, a man named Jack Robinson reported that a man in black had been keeping an eye on him and his wife from the street across their house. A few days later, one of the couple’s friends decided to look into the matter. This was the first time a Man in Black was caught on camera. The incidents get more and more from here.

Dr Herbert Hopkins was studying UFO sightings when he got a strange call from a man claiming to be a representative of a UFO organisation. He wanted to know when Hopkins could meet him alone to talk about his research. Hopkins agreed to meet him that day itself; and claims that as soon as he hung up and went to the door, this man was already at the entrance. He said that the man had no facial hair, and skin that looked fake like a doll. The man in black told Hopkins to flip a coin and watch what happened. Hopkins says that the coin slowly changed colour and then vanished. The Man in Black then told him to destroy all his research.


One time a man named Danny Gordon got close-range pictures of a UFO and soon after received a call from a man warning him to destroy research for his family’s sake, that it would cost him everything. He later talked about the same with ‘journalists’ and found that the pictures were missing right after the interview . He eventually stopped pursuing the matter after a heart attack.

Do the in Black exist? Or are they just another urban legend? Who knows, maybe one day, when you come across this article, you hear a knock on your door, and tall men in black will be standing outside.

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