Pankaj Tripathi and his exceptional acting performances have recently been noticed by people. From Sacred Games to Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, Pankaj Tripathi has won hearts and has become the sole of the film Gunjan Saxena. With regards to the recent nepotism debate, proper evaluation of the film is not possible as a large part of the audience boycotted it without any valid reason. However, the Twitterati couldn’t get over the brilliant Anup Saxena, played by Pankaj Tripathi, the soul of the film.

However, Pankaj Tripathi has been a part of the industry since 2004 and was simply getting his due recognition. He’s a man who struggled in the industry without a godfather or connection to a film-based family. As it’s said, good things come to people who wait, here we’re presenting some of the exceptional performances of this very talented man which should have had received their share of praise and recognition earlier.

  1. CRPF Commandant Atma Singh (Newton)- Newton was a movie that the Indian audience needed but didn’t want. In this film, devoid of glamour that allowed the actors to shine, the role of CRPF Commandant Atma Singh is played by Pankaj Tripathi to such perfection that won him a national award special mention.
  • Kehri Singh (Gurgaon)- Pankaj Tripathi was cast in the leading role only in 2017 in the film Gurgaon. He played the real-estate business tycoon Kehri Singh who’s a farmer in Gurgaon. He exhibited his craft in this role supremely well.
  • Lawyer Madhav Mishra (Criminal Justice)- We cannot possibly think of any other actor to have essayed the role of a powerless common citizen up to the perfection which has been showcased by Pankaj Tripathi. His role of lawyer Madhav Mishra was yet another breakthrough performance.
  • Sultan Qureshi (Gangs of Wasseypur)- Incredible performances by the cast coupled up with extraordinary storytelling makes Gangs of Wasseypur one of the best Bollywood movies in history. The cast was stuffed with powerful actors and the ruthlessness that Tripathi brought to the character of Sultan Qureshi makes him stand out.
  • Narottam Mishra (Bareilly Ki Barfi)- Among the typical Bollywood characters of oppressive and dominating fathers, the character of Narottam Mishra played by Pankaj Tripathi, comes like a fresh gust of wind. He’s a supportive, empathetic, liberated and sensitive father who supports his daughter’s dreams and shields her against her mother’s pressure for marriage.
  • Pandit (Fukrey)- Breaking apart from the angry, intense or dark roles that he’s famous for, this character played by Pankaj Tripathi will fill you with delight and make you a bigger fan of the actor. He acts all righteous while he’s far from being so and uses “vulgar”, “cheating” and “disgusting” randomly and brings out a character that can be so well played by none other than Tripathi himself.
  • Akhandanand Tripathi (Mirzapur)- “Kaleen Bhaiya ka shehar, Kaleen Bhaiya ka chowk, Mirzapur mein bhokaal ho toh aisa ho”- one of the most iconic dialogues of the show can be attributed to the boss of the series, the stellar performance of Pankaj Tripathi.

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