The Fight Against Covid-19

Covid-19, We see so much us, we hear so much, we’re taught so much and told so much. So, why is it, that even after all that, we understand so little? India’s Covid-19 count has crossed the 17,000 mark. The biggest numbers come from the states of Maharashtra (3,473), Delhi (1,886), Gujarat (1,575), Rajasthan (1,281), Madhya Pradesh (1,210) and Tamil Nadu (1,051). This is a sum of many factors, mainly due to the lockdown rules being openly flouted. The announcement of the lockdown resulted in people stockpiling and panic buying, further resulting in the unavailability of basic resources in grocery stores. Those who cannot afford the luxury of social distancing (like the good people of Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai that has been declared a hotspot) are suffering too. On the face of it, they are being accommodated in relief camps, but said camps are safety hazards themselves due to being overcrowded.


Not just this, even our ‘COVID-19 warriors’, police officials, and healthcare professionals are being harassed, assaulted, and remain unappreciated for the work they do. Social distancing norms are being ignored, and crowded gatherings are being organized. Birthdays, wedding functions, parties, are being held like all is right with the world. The Central Government has recently constituted six Inter-Ministerial Central Teams (IMCTs) to assess the situations in these states and issue the necessary directions. The primary focus of the IMCTs will be to ensure compliance of lockdown measures, supply of essential commodities, the preparedness of health infrastructure, conditions of relief camps, etc.

Even though the doubling rate of Coronavirus in India has improved from 3.4 days to 7.5 days, and there are states that have declared themselves COVID free, we need to understand that this does not mean we’re free to do whatever we wish to; that it’s not time to rejoice just yet, that our fight against Covid-19 still continues.

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