The debate over the existence of goodwill over cruelty.

“2020” the last year of the decade, probably will be remembered for centuries to come as it is on the verge to be the year of catastrophic disasters. debate The meaning of human existence considers human’s purpose and place in the grand scheme of things. In simple words, humanity is to exist in the awareness of others and help them to emotive their lives which automatically results in improving our own lives. As this year is being difficult to everyone my soul is in the dilemma over the existence of goodwill over ignorance, humanity, negativity, and brutality.

There is a constant tug of war between humans to prove their humanity over ignorance reaching to the level of cruelty and killing. Over the past few days, we all have come across which has nourished our thoughts of the existence of goodwill and humanity and also news of cruelty and viciousness which has again put a question mark over the existence of the former.

Talking about goodwill it is said, that people who debate do good stuff do not blabber about it and legendary actor Irfan Khan who we lost just a month ago proved his greatness by it. From the latest news going rounds it’s confirmed that regardless of the fact that he was fighting a ruthless battle with cancer, he wanted to help the people fighting the pandemic COVID19.

The late actor’s friend revealed that Irfan khan and his brother both donated for the cause and didn’t want any media attention about it. This has s a sheer example of goodwill. But benevolence is not only shown by the celebrities, but the common man also tries to walk on the path of kindness according to his capacity.

The was another news of goodness in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, where a hungry man has broken into a roadside eatery, ate the leftover food, and took only 200 rupees from the cash counter, and left all the other cash intact. debateThe owner of the eatery refused to file a complaint as he believed that the hungry man only ate the food and the cash he took was not a big amount.

These incidents reinforce our faith in humanity but as it is said the debate over goodwill and cruelty, cruelty had to be more brutal than goodwill and it was, in the form of racism. Going with the reference of the prestigious, New York times, the times has reconstructed the death of George Floyd on May 25th, a 46-year-old man who was arrested by the Minneapolis officers, after a deli employee called 911, accusing him of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit of a 20 dollar bill. The death of George Floyd has stirred the country but the protest has been from the world regarding justice against the scourge of racism in the society. Not only this man has become brutal on a level that can only be analyzed after it’s done not only on humans but also on harmless animals.

A pregnant elephant from Kerala’s silent valley forest was killed by a man who fed her a pineapple filled with crackers that explode in her mouth when she chomped on it. She died with broken jaws and burnt interiors of the face. The incident has triggered massive outrage in the country and people have debate taken social media platforms to voice their anger on the barbaric nature of crimes. It is clearly evident that cruelty is much ahead of goodwill and kindnesses had to work hard to perish the cruelty and viciousness from human existence.

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