TREND MEMES practically become a part of the life of the current generation giving rise to the hobby/profession A meme is basically a pictorial form of comedy where the implication of the imitation of any incident, picture or theme is done in comical or satirical ways. Everyone is aware of memes but not much is talked about its origin and capture on social media.


The origin of can be accredited to the 1976 book ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins. He believed that the ‘meme’ illustrated a self-replicating unit of transmission in case of biological evolution i.e. the gene. Later Dawkins invented ‘meme’ and created the meme theory.

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Thus an originally biological term, the meme or the ‘Internet meme’ was an idea altered deliberately by the creativity of human beings. The concept of Internet meme was proposed by Mike Godwin in 1993. Later in 2013 Dawkins, explained that the meme or the internet meme was a “hijacking of the original idea”. The original idea is twisted to suit to the creator’s imagination and create sarcasm, comedy or bring out a social message.


are one of the most loved and entertaining parts of social media. They’re strong enough to convey any message or light-hearted comedy. Some of the concepts in memes become viral on social media and lead to being a meme trend.

Corona-Memes MEMES
  1. Funeral Dancing meme of Coffin Bearers– Pallbearers are a group of 4-5 well-dressed people hired by the family of the deceased to carry the coffin and entertain the funeral attendees with their funny dance. Under the current situation of Coronavirus pandemic, this kind of memes has been very effective in spreading the idea of staying indoors in a less serious and light-hearted manner.
  2. Lockdown and Quarantine memes– memes depicting the activities done and thoughts during quarantine or lockdown situation are in trend due to the international tension of the pandemic. These memes create humour during the boring situation of lockdown.
  3. Coronavirus memes– Memes depicting about COVID-19, masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing are trending a lot and have proved to be helpful in encouraging people to stay home and stay clean.
  4. ‘Go Corona’ memes– After the ‘Go Corona Go’ slogan coined by Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, this slogan has become extremely famous as a meme trend, both to ridicule and praise the union government.
  5. Work from Home memes– ‘work from home’ experiences or hilarious and sarcastic situations regarding people working from home having been trending on social media recently. This type of meme caused light-hearted humour and also encouraged people to work from their homes.

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