The Buzz About NRC: A New Game Changer

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) has been making headlines in every Indian newspaper for quite some time now. While a few Indians who seem to be enriched with the information about the NRC updating, the others are merely releasing gasps of infuriation. The ever-lasting debate about whether or not the NRC is aiming to play another divide and rule policy is further fuelling the babble across the country.

Let us delve for a more vivid description of the NRC situation that is causing a storm everywhere!

The National Register of Citizens


Abbreviatedly called NRC, the National Register of Citizens is a legal register which recognizes the countrymen as their citizens. Previously, this counting was specifically done for the Assam state but now it will be extended to the entire country to wipe off the Infiltrators. Maintained by the government of India, this declaration was made on 20th December 2019, by our Home Minister, Amit Shah.

Although it positively aims at abolishing the excess population that doesn’t rightly belong to India as citizens, the NRC has been causing a great deal of resentment among countrymen who believe that this is just another pathetic strategy to form a gap between Hindus and Muslims.

Guidelines that do the talking!

The National Register of Citizens’ guidelines was first established in Assam. Whether the stated rules will be the same for the nationwide application is still a question. But, here’s what NRC is expecting to demand from the citizens. 

1. Two lists called List A and List B are prepared with documents that must be presented before the government to prove their ‘Indian-belonging.’

2. There are 14 documents on list A and 8 options list B. If an individual fails to produce any of their own documents from List A, he/she can show their parents/grandparents documents along with one document from List B. 


3. Women who are married in other regions can show their ration card that was issued before or on the date of 1971 and Gaon Panchayat Secretary certificate of the same period.

Both sides of the same coin…

The recent NRC update seems to include a bunch of advantages and disadvantages, a thorough analysis of which can help reach a fair conclusion altogether.


1. It aims at weeding out the infiltrators from the nation with illegal or no documents to prove their Indian citizenship.

2. The method can act as a massive means to eradicate corruption from India.


1. Most people condemn it for being another divide and rule policy formulated by the BJP party.

2. It is a daunting task for the country with its vulnerable documentation culture and financial crisis that can spring up a huge barrier in the completion of this task. 

At present, this recent development is the primary topic of debate all across the country, Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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