The Bail conditions!!!

Bail conditions, After Sushant Singh Rajput death enigma there came another conspiracy of drug deals. It was claimed by the girlfriend of late actor Sushant that her boyfriend used to take drugs. But look at the irony she herself got prisoned by NCB over the accuse of dealing with drugs. She was arrested on September 8 on the charges of the drug after Sushant Sing Rajput was found dead in his Mumbai apartment. After the death of the actor, the whole world wants to know the mystery behind the death. After many demands of kin and fans, CBI took the case in their hands. And the case landed on drug consuming allegation on the actors of the Bollywood. The case was taken by the NCB after the drug chats of accused with other celebrity got leaked. Actress also claimed that the Sushant was having to suffer from Bipolar disorder and was in depression due to his career.

 After spending a month in the jail, the actress will sleep in her own bed, a statement given by her lawyer Satish Maneshinde. The actress has been granted bail but her brother Showik, will remain in the jail as bail plea is denied by Bombay High Court. The court said that Rhea is not the part of drug dealers and she has no intention to earn monetary benefits over the use of drugs. The court added that since she has no criminal background on this case so, they can believe that she will not overrule the bail conditions and she will not harm anyone. Lawyer Satish Maneshinde is very happy over the bail and he said that the justice and he adds that law has been established by the justice Sarang V Kotwal.

The actress has to agree on the conditions set by the court in order to fulfil the bail agreement. She has to report daily to Mumbai Police submit Rs 1 lakh per day for 10 days after the bail. Her password will be seized by the court and she is not allowed to travel abroad without permission. She is not allowed to meet with any witnesses related to the case. In case, if she has to travel outside the Greater Mumbai then she must inform and take permission from the case related officer in advance. She has to report every Monday of the first for six months. Without any reasonable cause, she has to attend all the hearings of court. She cannot interfere with the investigation and with the evidence related to the case.

The denied the statement of NCB to treat celebrity with harshness to set an example. While giving the unbiased judgment the judge said the law is equal for all. It has nothing to do with the status of the accused and the victim. The leniency and strictness given by the law are shared among all the citizens equally. A role model or a celebrity has no special liability by the court. The decision of the court will be unbiased and will be truly based on the facts and the truth represented by the advocates.

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