TERRIFYING Right now we are in petrified condition. Different minds have different opinions and thoughts going on. As things are getting worse day-by-day people are checking every possible clue which can clearly and confidentially explain the current situation. It’s frustrating to see the signs of apocalypse day by day. There are not one or two indications we are getting, there are plenty of them. If you don’t know what The Apocalypse is, then here it is. Apocalyptic literature is a genre of prophetical that evolved in post Exilic Jewish culture and was in circulation TERRIFYING among millennialist early Christians. Apocalypse is a Greek word that means ‘revelation’ or unfolding of things not previously familiar with which could not be known apart from unveiling.

Apocalypticism is a religious belief that there will be an Apocalypse which refers to the belief that the end of the world is imminent. It revolves around the views on the cryptic revelation about sudden dramatic catastrophic events. It basically deals with the fact that there will be different sorts of phenomena going to happen that will make our living hard on this planet and different kinds of disasters in different forms will take place that led to the extinction of the human race on earth.

In the Bible, it is written that there TERRIFYING will be a kind of plague come up that will ultimately demolish our existence and reset it. That also described an awful situation that humans can’t control will be turned into septic boils into an uncertain way that will make it uncontrollable diarrhea though.

What makes us more into is the recent outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) which fall our thoughts into it. Our current situation is not at all suitable for our economically, mentally, and socially state. It has thrown us into a nerve-wracking situation that broke us mentally. So many people lose their lives because of it. Many are still battling with it in hospitals while others have to think about their future as they have no assets left.

Recently the country has to face worst locust storm ongoing with coronavirus as it stretched up to 4 miles into western states of Rajasthan from Pakistan at the dawn of May and have since entered Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. The Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) mentioned, it was cropping season and around 3.75 lakh hectares of crops were devoured by locust attack in India with a loss over Rs 100 crores, Ministry of Agriculture estimates. And surprisingly locust attack is already written in the Bible 36 times and twice in the Quran. We are losing many life and food due to these sudden outcasts.

These locusts are the common religious symbol of devastation. Such a devil. Quran also propounds about a destructive final earthquake that will split lands into two separate sections which will because of our end. Not to forget that there have been 11 earthquakes since the coronavirus outbreak alone in Delhi and numerous across the world. Expert says, by studying the analogies of there frequency maybe we have to face one major earthquake in the near future.

In Buddhism, The Apocalypse is all about unjust rulers, TERRIFYING social inequality, and other sorts of the outbreak. They say there are two periods, Harmony and Destruction, which is followed by one another. It clearly says in which period we are right now! However, they had also mentioned the plague. In Hinduism, they describe the current situation as Kali Yuga in which all the
devilish things will go on followed by plague, famine, TERRIFYING pestilence, and other natural calamities which will lead the way of destruction of humankind.

However, it also says after all this there will be a fresh start for us and which will be full of pleasant and favorable conditions. Nevertheless, Zoroastrianism belief that earth will end up turning into a massive planet of fire as there will be a river of fire that will destroy every single gubbins.

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