The Telegu Desam Party or TDLP criticized the current ruling party, YSRCP for commanding CBI investigation on certain schemes of TDP during their tenure. YSPRC stands for Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party and was founded by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

Telegu Desam Legislature Party took offense in the probing and quipped back that the State Government should instead investigate their own mafia scams and misconducts instead of mindlessly blaming the Opposition. In the committee meeting, the TDLP accused YSPRC leaders of indulging in mafia scams involving cement, bleaching powder, land sand, wine, mine, and even COVID-19 kits.

The meeting in question was attended by TDP leader and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, Public Accounts Committee chairman Payyavula Kesav, Opposition Leader in Council Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, TDP leaders Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary, Atchannaidu, Nimmala Ramanaidu and others.

TDP had previously issued a charge sheet on the schemes of the ruling party. It called the one year rule of YSRCP as destructive and full of scams. TDP said the YSRCP got self-defensive because of lack of a satisfactory reply to the charge sheet and the CBI probing was a reaction to the self-defence.

Chandrababu Naidu’s actual words were, “Ruling YSRCP government obviously went into self-defence as it was unable to give a reply to the charge sheet released by TDP on its one-year scams and destructive rule.”

Another reason behind the CBI probes, as asserted by TDP was due to the “public backlash” against the cancellation of schemes of TDP by the ruling party. YSRCP has previously canceled schemes like Sankranthi Kanuka, Christmas Gift, and Ramzan Thofa.

A very detailed explanation was given by the TDP leaders to the questions asked by YSRCP regarding schemes like Chandranna Beema, Fibre Grid Project, etc.

Fibre Grid Project, according to TDP was, in fact, a very prestigious project that set a shining example for the rest of the country. They also said that the cancellation of Chandranna Beema by YSPRC was a wrong move that has harmed poor people all across the state.

The leaders of the Opposition said, “In order to cover up this, YCP came out with the CBI probe. The misinformation campaign against Heritage was condemnable. Only Rs 49 lakh worth order was given to Heritage but the YCP was talking about Rs 40 crore only to malign the image of the company and for taking political advantage. Heritage was only one among the many companies which got the Government orders through online bidding held by AP Civil Supplies Corporation at the national level at that time.”

On the topic of illegal scam od YSPRC, the leaders told them to introspect on their own schemes and run a CBI inspection. They said the illegal transportation of goods to other states has hurt the economy of the state too and YSRCP must be held accountable for their actions. Disappearance of 13 lakh tonnes of sand was pointed out too.

The opposition said, “If the CM is bold enough, he should order CBI probe into the disappearance of 13 lakh tonnes sand from the sand reaches in rivers itself in the last year.”

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