SUSHANT Can 2020 get any worse? Well, it can. With thousands of people and animals dying around us, with forests burning, with people losing their homes and everything, by far 2020 has put us through hell and even more, what are we heading towards, the end or even worse? Death, pain, and suffering have become an anthem of 2020. The end is near and there’s nothing we can do about it, but at least we could look out for each other, A little bit of kindness, compassion and some love wouldn’t harm anyone, even the one’s with the prettiest eyes, the most dazzling smiles, and the purest hearts could be hiding so much of agony and distress within themselves. No amount of money, fame, and success could help what emotional support and love do.

Sushant Singh Rajput, a passionate young actor, the heartthrob of Bollywood, couldn’t bear the excruciating pain he was going through and thus, committed suicide. Shocking? Isn’t it? The actor who did a wonderful role in the movie “Chichhore”, spreading the message that “Suicide isn’t a solution SUSHANT”, took his own precious life. What leads to this? I know there have been many such instances in our own lives where we wanted to take our own lives but didn’t do it, because, yes, Suicide isn’t a solution, but telling someone the same thing and still not caring enough isn’t a solution either.

Small gestures, the act of kindness, initiating conversations are the little things we can practice and preach on a daily basis. It seemed that Sushant Singh Rajput had everything- money, fame, success, a nice family, good friends, life was perfect, but was it really? How come so many people around him let him go to oblivion, let him lose all hopes, let him give up all his dreams and commit suicide? He must have tried to talk to someone, but none of them cared enough maybe. He could have let out his feelings on social media, in front of his fans, but then media would have called it a publicity stunt. A person can have everything and still lack one thing in their life – Love.

Did Nobody check on him, as he told to keep quiet because SUSHANT men are not supposed to cry? Mental illness, depression, anxiety, and loneliness – these are worse than physical pain. “Depression: It is all in your head”, “it’s just a phase”, that’s what people are told who is going through depression, right? But the sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, 34, a hard-working and passionate actor suddenly made some of us realize that “mental health awareness” is important. You may have everything yet have nothing, you may be sitting in a room full of people and yet remain unnoticed, you may seem jolly and cheerful yet be hurting within.

But till when? One day all the sorrow and pain you’ve been piling up is going to fall apart, but why wait for that day, why not seek help, maybe professional help, maybe an old friend or even a stranger. It’s very easy to say that ” Everything is going to be alright” but once you recover from it, get over it, you’ll look back and realize you’ve come a long way and suicide wasn’t an option ever.

But this is not just a message or an awareness for the one’s who are depressed but for everyone, look around yourself, you may be happy but thinking about others is the kindest gesture in this cruel world. The world is already full of bad and selfish people, but if you turn a blind eye to the one’s who need you – your loved ones, then there will be no hope left in this world. We all need a SUSHANT reason to live, we all wake up every day with hope in our hearts, with motivation, with a sense of positivity that today will be a better day than yesterday, WHY NOT BE A REASON BEHIND SOMEBODY’S HAPPINESS, why not become their hope, the hope they cling to, to get over the pain they’re going through? Why not choose to be a better person. This would make you feel better about yourself, make you feel wanted, and naturally pave its way towards eternal happiness.

SO COMMUNICATE AND BE KIND The whole country mourned over the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput, it all felt so personal.SUSHANT May his soul rest in peace, May God give strength to his near and loved ones, May no one has to go through the things he went through and may people finally start taking care of the people around them. Gone too soon, but he’ll always be remembered as the young boy who struggled for years, made his way up here all by himself, and became one of the finest actors of Bollywood at such a young age.

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Suicide helplines numbers:
1. Roshni: +914066202000
2.Sneha India Foundation: 044 2464 0050
3. Aasra: 02227546669
4. Arpita Foundation: 01123655557
5. Sanjivini society for mental health: 911124311918
6. Call: 02225521111
7. Snehi: 01126521415

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