Sunburn festival  is a commercial electronic dance music festival held in India from 2007 to 2015 to took place in Goa India and everywhere but in 2016 it was shifted to Pune Maharashtra for 2019 the festival came back to its home town in Goa is Asia’s largest Music Festival the festival is an amalgamation of music entertainment food shopping and was ranked by CNN in 2009 and one of the top 10 festivals in the world the festival was in separated by serial entrepreneur Shailendra Singh the festival group to win and third-largest Dance Festival in the world after Tomorrowland and Ultra as per IMSAPSC business report 2014

Electronic music parties events festivals are not new to Goa bus earlier pioneers for free party event festival with live digital art craft and food stalls started in the late 1980 and continued through 1990 into the early to in 2012 plate Goa arrival of commercialized events such as someone arrived in Goa when mainstream electronic dance music gained more widespread popularity within India

Now let’s talk about Sunburn Goa?

In 2007 Shailendra Singh organised the first international dance music festival in Goa and it was sponsored by Smirnoff and took place on 28 29 December at Candolim beach.

In 2008, it was in Goa was themed electric Circus and was held on to main stages Banyan tree and Circus stage for the House Music the event also included a flea markets beach volleyball games having tied up with defected records. In 2008 the label brought Iman headlining the festivals we’re digital at the Activa digital blonde, Roger Shah, DJ per, Sanjay Dutta the visuals were produced by Dan booth.

In 2009, Sunburn Goa had turned out over 22,000 and it also saw a launched After Dark parties with a good place from 10:30 p.m. until making Sunburn a 24-hour festival. Sunburn but DJ admin headline the festival along with Latin house teachers included De Re Sultan.

In 2010,  Sunburn Goa took place on 27th to 29th of December at Candolim beach festival responsible Tuborg headliners of the 2010 festivals were following for the 2010 festival Sunburn and some contest for the portfolio audio and we should producers the participants of this visual category allowed to make a visual for a” breed track” which is then submitted to a panel of judges participants in the order category I asked to make a fresh remix of, “Nadia Ali love story “.which is an Anthem for the festival of the fashion show was also organised on 27th of December at club butter Sunburn passes went live on 5th November 2010 and early bird passes and pre-booking sale passes being sold out in 22 minutes.

From 2011 to 2017 it went on 11th edition of Sunburn Festival, took place in the Oxford Golf Resort Pune Maharashtra liner for the 11th edition was the Milta Vegas and Like Mike, DJ snake, martin Garrix, a clean bandit in 2017 this is where people across the country come and reunite and enjoy and cherish the moments.

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