Sumeet Vyas and His Works

Sumeet Vyas, Web-series have been known to create brilliant actors. They’ve given us actors like Jitendra Kumar, Maanvi Gagroo, and Mithila Palkar. But the actor that I really want to talk about is Sumeet Vyas.

Sumeet Vyas has played a plethora of roles that kind of overlap with each other but in their essence, are so different. He has time and again left us in splits, and has truly made an impact from inside the small screens of our phones. Here are some roles that Vyas has performed that you can watch to enjoy more of Sumeet Vyas-

Sumeet Vyas and his works-NewsORB360
  • The CEO in Official Chukiyagiri and CEOgiri- In these series, Vyas portrays the character of Dilawar Rana, a CEO with Social Anxiety Disorder. This Disorder results in him having to work around the office with a drone. He hides in the janitor’s closet and controls a surveillance drone to move around the office and keep an eye on his workers. This role is a brilliant mix of eccentric and funny and will force you to at least crack a smile.
  • The manager in Official Bhootiyagiri- In this series we get the chance to view a man with Social Anxiety Disorder run a hotel; and it doesn’t even end there. The hotel is haunted. It is nothing short of entertaining to watch Dilawar Rana try to keep a loss bearing, shady, dodgy, haunted hotel afloat. This job also brings him face to face with the ghosts of his past but his never say die attitude gets him through the day and helps him cross all the obstacles in his path. This series will not only make you laugh but will also strangely motivate you to do things.
Sumeet Vyas and his works-NewsORB360
  • Mikesh in Permanent roommates- In the audio series Permanent Roommates, available on the app Audible Suno, Sumeet Vyas plays the role of Mikesh; who is, well, one of the permanent roommates. He’s an innocent, funny, cut wisecrack. This is one of his most adorable and most popular roles.

Aside from these roles, Vyas has also played parts in movies, including Veere Di Wedding, Ribbon, English Vinglish, Made in China, Aarakshan, and Aurangzeb. He truly is a very versatile actor.

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