If Indians have a second heart on which their body runs, it will be without any doubt, cricket, and this piece is sure to excite all those who live in Australia’s Melbourne city as a suburb in the city has come up with names dedicated to Indian cricketing legends.

Indian cricketing legends, namely, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli had streets named to their honor as an upcoming housing estate under development in the Rockbank suburban of the Melbourne city is reported to have streets to these legends acclaim. This project estate is being produced by the Accolade Estate and in an attempt to woo buyers the company has come up with Dev Terrace, Tendulkar Drive, and Kohli Crescent. Rockbank suburb forms a part of the Melton Council and this area remains popular among the Indian community in the island nation who wish to purchase a home.

Notably, many other icons from the cricketing pitch are accredited as street names such as Ambrose Street, Akram Way, Hadlee Street, Kallis Way, Miandad Street, Sobers Drive. Elissa Hayes from the Resi Venture, who is one of the developers was quoted stating, “the response from the Indian community has been exceptionally good and high ever since the launch of the H&L packages”.
Factually, developers have to submit their names have obtained the necessary consent from the council of the city if the name submitted by the Office of Geographic Names guidelines.

Another statement is reported from the director of Resi Ventures, Khurram Saeed as he informed that a total of sixty names were given in to the council for obtaining consent which included one of the street after the great cricketing legend, Donald Bradman yet subsequently it had been rejected by the city council as another street was already present featuring the name of Donald Bradman.

The director further remarked “We didn’t get Kumar Sangakara, Rahul Dravid, M.S. Dhoni, and a few others as council knocked them back for one reason or another,”
Adding to his statements he concluded “We did get Tendulkar and Kohli over the line with council. Kohli is one of my favorite batsmen of the cur­rent era and I named the most expensive street after him, overlooking the future wetlands,”

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