Stock Markets rebound on easing Corona virus Crisis but Oil Dips

Coronavirus Crisis, As the Coronavirus markets is easing throughout major countries, the world decided to buckle up once again. But the oil prices sank after a meeting was delayed with the top producers.

Across the world, almost all countries have witnessed a massive decrease in Coronavirus cases. Italy saw the greatest recovery in a few weeks, while the patients in France have also started to recover by now. In the same way, Asian and European equity markets rebounded on Monday. Although the world has had to suffer and endure awfully, maybe its time to say Goodbye’ to COVID-19.


Cases all around the world

“European markets are trading higher because investors are shrugging off the pessimism,” stated Ava Trade analyst Naeem Aslam.They are focused on more optimistic things: the slowing death rate caused by the coronavirus. Italy, Spain, France, and Germany have all seen declining numbers.

London has also seen a massive decrease in the death tolls but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was hospitalized for precautionary tests for 10 days due to the deadly Coronavirus has now been shifted to intensive care because his symptoms have worsened in the past few days.


South Korea, Guinea, Africa have the least cases due to immense precautions undertaken by the people there. As of now, the cases in Australia have also started falling which is leading the whole planet to a steady recovery. However, in India, the cases are only worsening with total 4,000+ cases reported lately.

The oil markets at stake

Coronavirus Crisis, Although the countries are still making deals on the steps that can be taken to beat the oil price problems, people are still skeptical about the fact that 10 million barrels per day will be sufficient enough to help the oil markets from collapsing.

Let’s hope for the best until the world is free from the clutches of Coronavirus!

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