Capgemini, the French IT Services firm at Bangalore with around 1.2 lakhs Indian employees has taken some commendable steps towards employee welfare during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has announced high single-digit hikes for 70% of its Indian employees. Some of the decisions taken at the first virtual meeting of Capgemini are-

  1. It is providing salary CAPGEMINI increments to about 84,000 employees, effective from April 1. The rest of the employees would receive the increment from July.
  2. It is providing a cash allowance of up to 10,000 INR to those employees who are stranded without a paying guest accommodation.
  3. Many corporate establishments give a grace time of around 60 days to employees on bench, which is about 6-8% of their staff, to find a billable project and are asked to leave if they don’t. Capgemini has retained all its employees on bench and without billable projects. It is paying their salaries without a timeline boundation.
  4. The company has provided for shift allowance to CAPGEMINI employees working from home. About 95% of their staff is enabled to work from home whereas usually it is around 15-20%.
  5. Promotions scheduled for April will be announced in June and will be effective from July 1.
  6. Capgemini has also made different payouts to eligible employees along with the March payroll.
  7. The CEO of Capgemini India, Ashwin Yardi CAPGEMINI stated that there are no discussions about a pay cut of the employees.
  8. Capgemini India has also established a 25 million CAPGEMINI euro fund to be used for medical emergencies by employees who needs it beyond the medical insurance of them or their families.

Mr. Yardi states that their aim is to ensure the trust of the employees on the leadership. “And it’s not just talking about it, but demonstrating it. In these difficult times people will look up to us to see what actions we’re taking in building trust. We will have some cost-containment measures, but there are many other levers for that”, he stated.

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