Steamy Netflix shows that makes your dates memorable!

Life during lockdown had definitely become monotonous and we all want to escape it. If doses of laughter and positivity are not doing the work maybe it is time to take the Netflix game a notch higher and explore the steamiest shows there to make the online date sessions more interesting! Netflix streams an array of shows which are not shy with their sexual representation. From educational to supernatural, the shows are of variety.

Let us dive into the best shows you can watch if you want to spice up your mundane days.

Outlander- This show on Starz network has set the bar high when it comes to sexual interpretation. The two lead characters, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser are often seen engaging in intimate scenes with no crass exposition, just balanced, liberating, and respectful sexual engagement. The series is based on a book series by Diana Gabaldon and Ronald D.Moore. This historical drama time travelling is sexy and smart at the same time. No wonder it is completely binge-worthy.

Elite- Catering to a different age group is Elite which revolves around the lives of rich high school students in a Spanish institute. The crime thriller has copious amounts of steamy scenes because these teens just can’t keep it in their pants! With immaculate fashion and shower of money, the glistening lives of these teens are perhaps not too perfect but the series definitely is.

Sex EducationWith schools being a little irresponsible about sex education, this British drama took it upon itself to educate teens of dos and don’ts of everything related to sex. The series owning to its educational nature encases sex practically. While there are amazing arousing scenes in the show, the viewers are also made acquainted to awkward first-time sex and other problems we often face thinking it’s just us! Congratulations you’re not the only one.

Netflix Lost girl- Bo, a human raised Succubus is aware of her killer (literally) power. She now explores her roots as a Fae and claims the world. She finds her own detective agency and is unapologetically herself. The series, other than the strong feminine character and incredible supernatural touch, the series has a major erotic touch!

Netflix The Witcher- Starring the square-jawed hunk Henry Cavill, The Witcher is the perfect rendition of fantasy, bloodthirst, heroism and romance. Geralt of Rivia engages in monster-slaying, upholds the honour and duty of his family but occasional and worthy engagement in intimacy completes the whole package.

Netflix Too hot to handle- This is a reality show where young people of life on an exotic island with the main motive of finding love but can also win money along the way! The only catch is, during the whole period of seduction, attraction and not so innocent conversations, the contestants cannot indulge in any intimate relationship. The sexual tension and the worn-out restraint to not break the pact is actually very entertaining!

You- Netflix, Ever thought psychological thriller could be sexy? Well here’s an example of a psycho-thriller where the bookshop owner Joe Goldberg is attracted to a girl, Beck and goes way out of the line to impress her and that is definitely not attractive, if not majorly creepy. But throughout the thriller, there are several moments of vulnerable as well as erotic confident sex scenes which are probably the only thing you can validate without guilt.

Netflix The Vampire Diaries- This long series might not be a new entrée but no one can deny the sex appeal of this series has in no lessened over the years. As if vampires and werewolves are not sexy enough, the knee wobbling gorgeous Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are the lead here! Whether you stan sensitive Stefan, smouldering Damon, or quirky Elena, your cup of tea will be served.

Jessica Jones- Marvel had always been appropriate for every age group but they seemed to take a step forward with Jessica Jones. This Marvel character is not ashamed to embrace her physical needs while heading a detective agency!

All in all, Netflix can satiate the need that we often lie about! Just make a good choice and make your date night with yourself or your partner steamier and more memorable!

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