Stark Or Shuri: Who is Smarter?

SHURI princess of Wakanda is head of science and information exchange too. She is the leader of the Wakanda design group and sister of T’Challa aka Black Panther. She created Vibranium Gauntlets, Remote access kimono beats, sound absorbent sneakers, and panther suit (nanotech).

Tony Stark whom all of us know as IRONMAN made his first circuit board at the age of 4, at the age of 6 he invented the V8 engine, at the age of 16 he created his first AI ( artificial intelligence). Actually in comics Shuri too has invented an AI whose name is grite it helps in alerting Wakanda about enemy attacks and securing Wakanda but we have all seen apart from all this Tony’s first AI was so smart that he handed over STARK his Arc Reactor when Tony was dying and he was not able to reach his reactor after that he invented a lot of AI’s namely Jarvis, Friday and many more. We have seen Friday helping Tony in hacking American military services in just two clicks and he was able to control all the data there. So we can easily decide that the AI of Tony Stark is much better than that of Shuri and we all know that Shuri is born in a place which is blessed with knowledge and resources but Tony has struggled himself to get to this point.

Now let us have a look and Shuri’s Vibranium Gauntlets actually these gauntlets work as a sonic blaster which halts panther suits for a moment but we have seen that claw also has same weapon type and Stark also has same type weapon which he has used against Bucky in Civil War and all of us saw how it just evolved from a normal-looking watch Stark also implemented such type of sonic cannon in War Machine’s suit, we all saw how Rhodey used that against Scarlett Witch in airport battle scene so here too we can see that Stark is one step ahead of Shuri.


Talking about Nanotechnology we can easily find that Tony Stark was working on it much before whose proof is seen by everyone in that watch which was used by Stark in Civil War against Bucky. Both of them had created an armour using Nanotechnology so let’s see which one is better. Talking about black panthers suit we get to the point that it was completely defensive armour whereas Stark’s suit was created for both the purpose attack and defence too. We have also seen that Black Panthers suit wasn’t able to survive one punch of Thanos whereas Ironman gave Thanos a tough combat. So we all can decide that here too Stark proved himself better than Shuri.

Now let’s have a look at the medical field which is not Stark’s field but we will compare it too. We saw that Shuri took a day’s time to heal a bullet wound in Wakandan Lab but stark healed a blade passed through him in seconds and that too while in a fight in Thanos and he also cured Hulk’s hand damaged by the energy radiation of Infinity Stones in just seconds.

One more thing worth noticing is that panther suit absorbs the kinetic energy from the attacks and then allow to focus it on the enemy while in attack but in endgame we saw that how stark used lighting attacks from Thor in his suit and then Amplified it with his Arc Reactor and created a strong beam at Thanos.


We also saw that while Shuri was using Vibranium all the time for all gadgets Stark himself created an alloy (gold-titanium alloy) for his suit.

Apart from all this Tony created a Time Machine, a new element for his arc reactor, and he also made a suit that could withhold infinity stones.

From all these things we can easily consider Tony Stark much smarter than Shuri.

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