The new fever gripping people worldwide is the start-up culture. What inflicted young geeks in garages of Palo Alto in the late 80s has turned today to be the Silicon Valley the start-up capital with the youth gripped in its fever worldwide. While the youths of the previous generation found job security luring the youth of today aspires to be the founder of a multi-billion company and head them to fortune 500 list and see their photos on the front page of Forbes and Times and take risks to venture in the unknown.

For people naïve to start-ups and entrepreneurship, a start-up is basically a business enterprise in its infancy and entrepreneurs are the founders of this start-up.

But there is something seriously wrong with this start-up fever currently that needs to be addressed right away to save the youth’s future from being jeopardized. The current view is that anyone can be an entrepreneur but for that first people needs to adapt themselves to the mold of an entrepreneur.

Firstly, As Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and several other startup founders who made it big are college dropouts it is generally believed that education doesn’t matter but it needs to be understood that although the school education system is in shambles but knowledge is the true power in the 21st century and they were and are highly knowledgeable in the field of their operations which help them take their company to the heights. Bill gates read a book a week, Warren buffet reads 700-800 pages every day.

Secondly, budding entrepreneurs also need to know that the luxury life of an entrepreneur on social media frenzy is a simple myth and they are too deeply engrossed in work to take luxurious vacations and neither do they spend millions on partying and lavish houses and cars and rather prefer channelizing their wealth in streams where it will bear fruits to them in the future. As Steve Jobs said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” anybody in today’s digital age can simply google up the lifestyle of icon entrepreneur of the present, namely, Elon Musk and be amazed at the extremely simple lifestyle he leads.

Therefore, while start-ups are the future, it should be understood that we all are not the same and life can be good for a person aspiring a stable job or an entrepreneur building a company because at the end of the life both stand at the same cross path where only one thing shall matter who chose to do what he liked to do instead of succumbing to peer and social pressure because the future doesn’t belong to the person who starts up but to the person who stands up in the face of all odds.

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