Marvel Cinematic Universe started with the launch of IRONMAN so it’s pretty sure that someone has to take his place after the death of Tony Stark or IRONMAN. 

Currently, all the superheroes are at rest except Spiderman. There was a dialogue in Spiderman Homecoming that this world needs a new Ironman so there are chances that you can see Spiderman fulfilling the place of IRONMAN.

MCU knows very well that IRONMAN carries a huge fan following and for Spiderman he was his mentor who taught him that’s what it actually means to be a superhero.

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We saw the deep relationship between Spiderman and Ironman in phase 3. MCU’s Peter Parker is a kid and he exists in such a Universe where he is not the only superhero so he has to follow the footsteps of his mentor in order to complete with all the other superheroes and establish himself amongst them.

We have already seen that IRONMAN has always tried and helped Spiderman to overcome his fears and become a great superhero even better than him. So here’s the answer to a question that is  Spiderman going to be the next Ironman. No he will prove himself a better superhero than him.

All of have seen that how IRONMAN helped Spiderman to evolve as a galactic superhero rather than a boy with superpowers fighting robbers around the streets.

Spiderman-the new Ironman-NewsORB360

He helped him in joining Avengers Initiative in Captain America Civil War and how he has helped him improve his skills by providing him the necessary technologies. Tony gave him Edith glasses which had control over Tony’s all the empire and technology.

Spiderman was one of the most trusted persons of IRONMAN many times he helped him in combats too. In comics when Captain Marvel was about to arrest Spiderman for nothing Tony stood forward to protect him which lead to the death of Tony Stark.

Tony Stark knew that the boy has got nuts to prove himself better than anyone else if he gets proper guidance and needed technology. 

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