Sonia Gandhi asks Modi to offer 1 Lakh Crore to MSMEs

Sonia Gandhi On Saturday, Congress President Sonia Gandhi took the opportunity to write to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, requesting him to offer Rs.1Lakh Crore to the MSMEs for wage protection.


In the letter she also stated how this money would render assistance in boosting the morale of people and improving financial stability. Sonia Gandhi continued to talk about how the decreasing economic growth will lead us to a blackhole of disruption if it is ignored further.

Sonia Gandhi takes a stand for economic stability

“MSMEs contribute close to one-third of the nation’s GDP and account for almost 50% of our exports. They employ over 11 crore people. At this moment, without appropriate support more than 6.3 crore MSMEs stand on the verge of economic ruin,”  Sonia wrote to Modi.


In her letter, Sonia Gandhi also requested the Prime Minister to provide a 24*7 helpline to assist the MSMEs which would offer them incredible support during this crucial period. The Congress leader also requested him to make sure that immediate actions should be taken by the commercial banks to ensure convenient credit to MSMEs upon RBI’s decisions.

Kapil condemns PM for not having a ‘National Plan’

Alongside Sonia Gandhi, even Congress spokesperson, Kapil Sibal, took a stance for this, as he stressed on the fact that the judiciary should adopt a policy that ensures that the justice delivery system falls under the category of ‘essential services.’ Above all, he condemned the Union Government for not coming up with a ‘National Plan’ to combat the coronavirus problem that is consuming the people of our country in large numbers daily.

In the press conference he stated, “Without necessary infrastructure and adequate financial resources, state governments are not in a position to effectively deal with this pandemic.”

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