A wave of protests has risen against nepotism and favoritism in Bollywood and some celebrities are bearing the harshest brunt of it. From Karan Johar to Sonam Kapoor, several celebrities were called out for propagating nepotism and being the product of the same. No one will deny that the fight against nepotism is valid, but the path chosen to do so might not be the absolute perfect one. While some actors like Sonakshi Sinha, Ayush Sharma, and Shaqib Saleen have signed off social media to preserve their mental peace, starlets including Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor have lost a couple of million followers in the uproar. After the tragic incident of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death at the age of 34, fans had blamed the industry, colleagues, several directors even Sushant’s girlfriend of his death. Sonam Kapoor had tweeted that blaming colleagues, family, girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend of someone’s death is “ignorant and mean spirited”.

Recently she again took to Twitter to share the hate messages she got after Sushant’s death. She said that the deeply hurtful hate messages and comments said she should have died instead of Sushant. Not only that, the comments often cursed her the same fate as Sushant’s parents. As a protective stance, she disabled the comment section of her and her parents’ account and had been criticized for that too. As an answer to all the criticism, she said “Yes I’ve switched off my comment section and my parents comment section because I don’t want my 64-year-old parents to go through this. They did nothing to deserve this. And I’m not doing it out of fear you morons I’m doing it out of common sense to preserve my mental health and my parents.” She further added, “Also people wishing death on my future children. And on my family. That video you’ve been spouting was 7 years old. When he had one film out didn’t know him, like he didn’t know me and didn’t say anything about me ell I now.. also please go and watch the episodes where my fellow actors have maybe said much won’t about me, but I have taken it in the spirit the show was meant to be, in jest.”

The video she defended is the same video that went viral after SSR’s death which shows her reacting to Karan Johar’s question on whether Sushant Singh Rajput is attractive with “who’s he?” on Koffee with Karan.

On Father’s Day, she explained her take on nepotism and said she’s proud of the privilege she got because of her father’s hard work because that is her karma. She further added that people bashing her as ‘product of nepotism’ are bringing wrong karma upon themselves and deteriorating their ‘quality of life’. In her post, she ‘prayed’ God and Universe would forgive the haters for their karma.

She further added to her post, “Karma is the biggest leveler. We are where we are because of our karmas and we are born and go through what we go through because of our karmas. Everyone who is spouting hate it’s your karma. All of you are in my prayers. I thank god every day for where I am and whom I’m born too. If you really knew what Hindu philosophy and dharma is about you wouldn’t be so foolish. You are just damaging yourself and quality of life.”

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