Pilot episodes are the deciding factors of a series. In the era of online streaming, Pilot episodes, more than often, are the deciding factors of any show. It helps a person decide whether we continue watching something or not. So let’s look into the best pilot episodes ever aired.

  1. Game of Thrones (Winter is coming) – The only time when the entire Stark family was together, alive and active, the pilot set up major plot points like Robert’s lost love, the inescapable threat of White Walkers, the incestuous relationship of Lannisters and the pilot also introduced major characters. This wasn’t overwhelming or complex but was the perfect introduction to the Westeros.
  • Breaking Bad (Pilot/ Breaking Bad) – A gentle and overworked teacher of chemistry discovers that he has cancer beyond operation and he decides to secure the future of his family by cooking meth. It’s ingenious, crazy and extremely entertaining and sets the perfect tone for a pilot episode.
  • The Sopranos (The Sopranos) – The pilot of The Sopranos is one of the best and most unanticipated pilots for a crime show and starts with an unusual pairing of a mobster and a psychiatrist. This crime drama series is one of the most loves ones and as it proceeds, it paints an unassuming image of a mob family and the entire pilot episode makes sure to hook viewers onto the series.
  • Modern Family (Pilot) – Presented in the, now famous, mockumentary style, the pilot introduces the three families, eleven lead characters and clinches like a frazzled mother who’s pretty, blonde and dumb, an older man with much younger second wife and so forth. The story gloriously and hilariously breaks the characters apart and this is the technique of storytelling that set this show apart.
  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Pilot) – One of the most entertaining, charming and hilarious pilot in the recent times, Midge Maisel and the dresses were hard to ignore but to see her almost perfect life crumble was probably, one of the best plot set-ups ever aired.
  • Lost (Pilot Part 1 and 2) – The pilot introduces a plane crash that leaves the surviving passengers battling with injuries and paranoia on a mysterious island that is equally inhospitable. In the pilot itself, Lost establishes itself as an unmissable drama.
  • Sacred Games (Ashwathama)- Sacred Games is one of the few Hindi language web series that had an immense impact on the audience. From the violent graphics and explosive dialogues, the story starts with the co-lead dead in the first episode.
  • The Walking Dead (Days Gone Bye) – Unexpected as well as captivating, this pilot episode had an eerie beauty that showcased a patient who recently woke from a coma and encounters the undead as he looks up his family. Zombie horror might be a speciality of this episode.

Don’t you judge a show based on the pilot? Mention in the comments some of your favourite pilots and stay tuned with NEWSORB360.

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